Grandmaster Teaches The London System | Part 1

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  1. If blacks knight attacks the bishop you could also move to G3 which if he trades will open up your h file rook

  2. @6:05 the better move was Bh6 Bg7, Qf5… anything after was a disaster. Correct me if I'm wrong

  3. I am new to learning Chess in a serious way and know nothing about the London system. I feel this video isn't useful for me because it doesn't give the basics and rules to set the foundation of understanding; rather, the GM just jumps straight into the games.

    It seems like there are some huge prior steps before then that are missing from this tutorial, from a novice players' point of view.

  4. If only you had mated that first guy with a pawn promoted to bishop

  5. If the first guy pushed his pawn to solidify his knight and commit to a better pawn structure he couldve finally developed his queen side

  6. 31:59 "Once you blunder a piece, it's harder to blunder more pieces." Savage. Aman's dry wit is hilarious.

  7. 6:26 Qf3 is a very strong check as you just said a few seconds earlier and i think it threatens mate in 7 and his pawn move doesn’t defend it

  8. the self report from chat was hilarious, he's rage stalling I know this from experience

  9. Why do the Blue Jays and Expos hats keep swapping spots on the shelves? Its not a flipped camera thing because the chess board stays on the rightside. I swear hes just doing this to trigger my ocd

  10. The London System series was incredibly helpful, so much that now this is my go-to opening for white!! Definitely watching your openings series!!

  11. What if at 1:49 Pawn f6? And what is a good move on blacks side to counter your position at 7:01 ?

  12. Gotta tell your future wife to sleep with one eye open, or good ole Laurentlu will come out of shadows!

  13. Question: If I move me queens pawn to d4 and my opponent immediately moves his pawn to e5, what do I do?

  14. I play the London, but I never really go bishop H3, I'm adding that to my repertoire. Thanks.

  15. So you recommend just regular London stuff against kings indian? Or do you guys think c4 is a good option?

  16. @Aman, do you stream regularly? If so, what day/time? I'd like to watch out play live… Thanks

  17. I watched your Kings Indian videos and they’ve greatly helped me improve my rating and play-style, so thank you very much. I hope to learn much more from this series! Keep up the good work!

  18. So… if I'm following the building habits playlist and I'm getting close to 800 should I switch to this opening for white, or stick with what is listed in building habits?

  19. 16:05 I train puzzles in the background when they are rage stalling so I can get even stronger!

  20. What was the first player doing, non of what he did made any sense😅

  21. If you're being called a mothersucker after 15 moves, you know your opening is solid

  22. "Once you blunder a piece, its harder to blunder more pieces" brah hasn't watched my 500 elo ass blunder every move 😂😂😂

  23. @6:24 You should have checked him with qf3 and you would get his queen or it would be mate. Because he had to of gone G8 and then you would go G3 and no matter what G7 would be mate. Couldn't watch after this.

  24. so this is where the london virgins started…

  25. gm smurfing and complaining about rage stalling lol

  26. Second game. Was there a mate in two once you moved the queen toA8?

  27. Let’s all low key keep in mind and clip the 26:00 min mark the very day that our boy gets hitched. We need it prepared for when that time comes

  28. I learned how to rage-stall it isn't as difficult as I thought

  29. Should have just done a series with black also lol I'm curious if my habit building will work with the london. Im sure the nuances to every opening lol

  30. I really like your content bro, & love it, but for 800s I think u should keep it simple, just a suggestion, & really thanks for the series, I m stuck at 1400, I play only London & Caro

  31. While this video was playing I packed toty de bruyne and gold mbappe thanks for the luck

  32. Okay so when you mentioned giving him more time I looked at the length of the video and got scared.

  33. 14:44 knight to d5 looking for c7 pins to punish Queen trade. No way to stop

  34. Loved this for learning the london system. Music bugged me a little but content made it tollerable. Loose it to make experience better imo. Thank you 💚

  35. You're a GM playing against 800 chill out.. you don't see Gotham chess talkin this way arrogant f***.. this is what you probably do to make yourself feel better about yourself. Beat up on little kids

  36. Pretty disappointing to see people still purposefully wait, staring at the screen, just to waste your time, when they're losing. That literally happens to me every other game or so. Another sickening thing is when they're repeatedly making DUMB MOVES or TRADE QUEENS proudly, then they're the ones who ask for a draw! I'm like "there's no way I'm accepting this. You should've thought about it before making moves that make no sense, buddy!".

  37. Hahaha that bishop thirst on the first game was hilarious

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