Grandmaster Pia Cramling Chess Opening Class: The Italian Game

This chess opening masterclass by Grandmaster Pia Cramling demonstrates the slower lines in the chess opening family of the Italian game. Stay tuned for part 2, which describes a few more tactical lines. Subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any future videos. Also, drop a comment down below of what you thought of the video, I try to answer as many as possible!





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Thumbnail Photo – Lars O.A. Hedlund

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  1. Crazy that spain and Italy are only one square away from eachother

  2. Honestly I love your stuff but I REALLY love when your mum teaches it really makes sense to me

  3. Pia is so modest. What a nice lady.

  4. Hey Ann, Kevin from Texas say hi.I just Googled your mom and found some very young pictures of her. …and with you when very young.One great pic w/ young you in a pink headband with mom. …really great pic.GG

  5. Holy cow, Anna I just realized how much your new hairstyle fits you so well! Like a different person you look great either way but dang what a difference

  6. I never see vienna game played with F4, theory has destroyed it?

  7. Is it just me, or is Pia the mom we all wish we had growing up? Such a nice, quiet, soft human being… who will tie a rope around your neck on the board!

  8. Nice but I prefer Anna’s simpler and more concise explanations and lessons.

  9. But how on earth am I gonna remember all that'? 😭😄

  10. Pia thank you for the lesson I’m trying to get better and your lesson was very helpful got to say your my Beth Harmon thank you again

  11. Always a pleasure to watch Pias analysis 😉

  12. They are amazing!! Love to see you playing

  13. Buen vídeo anna , sube una segunda parte ,saludos…

  14. just give her own series and episodes already

  15. Thank you for this! Got a new opening now for black other than the sicilian! LOL haha

  16. Esta chica Ann Cramling, tiene un carisma increíble.

  17. I love the dynamic. Pia is the most calm, soothing person ever. Anna is the most energetic, bubbly person ever.
    And Pia, as always, thanks for the wealth of knowledge that you share.

  18. A smart and calm Grand Master with her energetic, charismatic and not less smart daughter. The perfect tandem to take chess lessons with. Keep it up, Anna and Pia!^^

  19. Thank you, Anna and Pia, for the amazing stream. Italian was my main opening when I was a teenager. You have brought up so many memories. Pia is a lovely teacher. Thank you so much again.

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