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  1. Thanks for 500k subscribers. When did you subscribe?

  2. Watching the Bobby Bo show gained me 200 ELO. Now I'm finally out of the negative into a respectful 50 ELO.

  3. Love your videos, am just a beginner but still

  4. I am 500 elo since i accidentally come into a game and then i quit it not knowing it lowers my score

  5. Very fun to watch this Video
    More Videos like this ❤

  6. 2:10 you missed Bxh3 gxh3 Rxf3 which would’ve won you a pawn due to overload tactic, pretty elementary concept especially for a game called Tricky Tactics, look at your advantage when you play Qb6. Saw it instantly btw lol

  7. i love ur videos i almost watched all of them (except the fortine ones)

  8. After watching a ton of your tips, I've gone from 900 to 1100 😀

    Congrats on 500k Subs aswell!!

  9. 6:04 how were u able to castle when there was a diagonal by the queen??

  10. My favorite move so far is queen pawn, horse f6, then bishop g4

  11. “Here’s the moves it staaaaaaarts with”

    -Legendary bobby

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