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  1. Thanks for 500k subscribers. When did you subscribe?

  2. “Here’s the moves it staaaaaaarts with”-Legendary bobby

  3. These video's are a great watch Bobby! Do you happen to know (or someone else maybe) why black was so far ahead on the evall barr in the last game? They seem to have missed a crushing move.

  4. WOOOOO BOBBEHH!! 🔥🔥❤️ thanks for the video dawg ✝️

  5. Makes no sense to explain subtleties of winning being up two pieces, lol 😀

  6. Watching the Bobby Bo show gained me 200 ELO. Now I'm finally out of the negative into a respectful 50 ELO.

  7. Love your videos, am just a beginner but still

  8. I am 500 elo since i accidentally come into a game and then i quit it not knowing it lowers my score

  9. Very fun to watch this Video
    More Videos like this ❤

  10. 2:10 you missed Bxh3 gxh3 Rxf3 which would’ve won you a pawn due to overload tactic, pretty elementary concept especially for a game called Tricky Tactics, look at your advantage when you play Qb6. Saw it instantly btw lol

  11. i love ur videos i almost watched all of them (except the fortine ones)

  12. After watching a ton of your tips, I've gone from 900 to 1100 😀

    Congrats on 500k Subs aswell!!

  13. 6:04 how were u able to castle when there was a diagonal by the queen??

  14. My favorite move so far is queen pawn, horse f6, then bishop g4

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