Garry Kasparov’s 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

Join GM Simon Williams as he breaks down the best moves from Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion, and who many consider to be the best of all time.

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  1. First game how it is check mate?if queen capture d5 then how check mate?

  2. 7:50 knight e2 king h1 knight g3 check h2 pawn captures only choice queen f1 with check king to h2 and white queen on b1 to cover the g6 square?

  3. For the first one black have the opportunity to capture pawn by bishop n prevent checkmate

  4. Game 1. After QC3 Black Queen captures d4 and it's a draw…Prove me wrong please

  5. Couldn't he perform the "en passant" on the B4 pawn ?

  6. i think is not chech mate when king at a4 the black bishop can kill pawn d5

  7. on 6:30 vs Anand,
    what if after Bishop H6 Black plays Knight F3 #,
    if Pawn takes Knight then Queen takes pawn E5,
    It stops mate, Black's a Knight down but white sacrificed a rook earlier.

    Also if white Queen takes Knight instead of pawn,
    Queen still takes pawn E5 with threat on capturing both white bishops, one with pawn one with queen.

  8. Mikhail Tal doesn't like his own queen and Kasparov doesn't like his own rooks 🙄

  9. in the first game .. what if after Qc3.
    black captures that pawn on d5 using Queen or bishop?
    white King can just move to b2 and its over right? or no? sorry am just a noob

  10. First game: I think im dumb but y cant queen / bishop take pawn to stop queen from checkmate

  11. At 2:18 wouldnt it have been check mate if white moved his king to B2

  12. The First one was Not just the move it was the Game, Thats the craziest Game i‘ve Ever Seen, Kasparov vs Topalov

  13. The First one was Not Check mate, black can Play Qe5 and Qe4 and the black King can get out

  14. Nr3 black can Play a5 and can win he is Material up

  15. In the first games what does white do after black plays bishop takes d5?

  16. 3:13 black queen moves near white pawn queen eat queen check
    Pawn eat queen

  17. You are very very very bad actor….
    Overacting expert

  18. In the last example, a slower way to win could be Bg5, preventing the King from attacking the other bishop and threatening Qf4. This could at least lead to Black losing his queen. But a quicker win is best.

  19. Good to see many people payed attention to first one. I think bishop doesnt defend it, but a queen does. I mean, queen takes d5 look good, feels good, and is good. It centralizes the queen and defends b3. White CANT instantly give a checkmate so, i think gingerbeard should have at least noted that it isnt as easy as it seems. I tried to find a force checkmate with white there, but seems like after black takes d5 with queen, he has one spare move to get out of the situation. If white plays Kb2, black queen can pin with d4 and it will be a queen trade and no check mate. If white tries to distract black queen from d5 by rook to e5, black queen can check on d1 and IF king ever plays to b2, he can pin it again. So, no clear win here. If someone tells me, i would be glad.

  20. Can someboby please explain why at 2:19 pawn on D5 can't be taken either by queen or bishop to protect B3 square ? Thank you.

  21. For the first game, wouldn’t rook d7 be a better move?

  22. Idk why but this guy reminds me of arthur weasley

  23. Simon's not only a brilliant chess teacher, but also the most entertaining chess talker ever!

  24. Me: Plays against the #1 chess player in the world,
    Me: looks at resign button
    I don’t need it,
    I don’t need it,

    I NEED IT!!!

  25. 2:20 why cant queen just take pawn at d5 and defense that line?

  26. At 7:30 instead of black queen move, black could have moved pawn to 6g to delay the game little longer sacrificing the queen. Correct me if I'm wrong?

  27. Can someone explain the reasoning behind why black resigned in the second (2:30) scenario? As far as I can tell, black could still sacrifice his queen to temporarily block. If white then plays Qxc5, bxc5 trades queens. So obviously white would opt to play dxc5 instead. However, while black is down a queen and the attack is still on, white's d pawn is now temporarily blocking their queen's check. And so black then takes white's knight with gxf6. By white's next move, black's king has room to breathe. Black is down a queen but white is down a knight.

    I'm still a brand new player so I could be misreading this. And if a professional resigned they certainly saw something I couldn't here. Can someone explain if there's a forced mate down the line? Thanks in advance.

  28. alternative title: gasparov kills his rooks

  29. Well for the second garrys opponent could of played queen to c5 stoping the check

  30. in the first game what if the bishop takes the pawn on d5 ?

  31. "Who needs rooks anyways? Just throw them away."
    But I not only the rooks but also throw away my games. When will I become a gm?☹️☹️

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