Garry Kasparov’s 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

Join GM Simon Williams as he breaks down the best moves from Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion, and who many consider to be the best of all time.

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  1. Garry Kasparov, a great chess player and a terrible person.

  2. Bishop can take d5 in the first clip stopping the queen from delivering a check mate too

  3. Another suggestion for the first game:

    White plays bishop e6
    Black pawn takes white bishop e6
    White rook takes black pawn e6
    Black queen takes white rook e6
    White queen to c7 check
    Black bishop to b7
    White queen takes black bishop b7 checkmate

  4. why topalov did not played bishop to d5 or queen to d5 at 2:27

  5. The first town unsurprisingly trade because rat spatially increase despite a large defense. sweet, zealous guitar

  6. After this unprofessional video I cancel subsription. Goodbuy, chesscom

  7. at roughly 2.27 why couldnt kramnik have played Bxd5

  8. 2:24
    Whoever read this help my monkey brain please
    How on earth that first game is better for Kasparov? he down two pieces and a rook
    and Queen take D5 is just stopping checkmate

  9. In the first game …….can't the bishop or the queen kill d pawn on d5 and stop d mate

  10. the original Man vs Machine, He still awesome.

  11. I would love to see the commentator's Top 5 best moves of his career

  12. In first match the black could have played Bd5 Or Qd5 preventing check

  13. Somebody can explain to me, why is he garry "OG" kasparov???

  14. You have really picked up fantastic positions from various players

  15. Please replay at 2:10 to 2:20. Your amazing and quiet symphony just doesn't work! Please correct it.?

  16. Do you realize just how bizarre your hair and beard look?

  17. In the first game, after Qc3, there was no explanation why Black could not defend by Qxd5 or Bxd5

  18. How is it a checkmate at 2:20 if black can capture the pawn and protect that square??

  19. Wait the first one is actually a draw😑

  20. Once I made a very similar move to number four against my dad. It was six moves to mate in the same situation, involving two bishops and one rook sacrifice

  21. Qc3? Why not black play bd5 avoiding qc3. Sorry next move kb2 inevitable mate, rht sir?

  22. It was not checkmate 2:20 : black plays Qxd5, but Re7+ is brilliant

  23. Vishy can win the game in just three or in five moves tell me if I'm wrong

  24. On Game 1 you went over doesn't Qxd5 or Bxd5 provide adequate defense and black is doing fine? Or what am I missing…looks even after that

  25. Black is defenseless in the first game??? Wha bou Q×d5??? Simply fooling the viewer huh🥱

  26. 2:20 why not bishop eat d5? not checkmate yet

    edit: could still check mate but queen d5 could do something

  27. 2:26 black could use bishop to defend because if bishop moves to d4, it can kill the queen.

  28. S'Il vous comment vous faites pour utiliser les fléchés de suggestions dans votre vidéo

  29. What happens after … Bxd5 or Qxd5 in the first game?

  30. LOL I thought the first example would have been top1. That was Garry's most epic immortal game in his life (or maybe best in the chess history). Check it, after that rook sac all moves Garry made is forced and 1 move away from checkmate. Topalov being former world champion was also playing the best move, 1 mistake would have been checkmated. Most epic game ever to me

  31. What are you talking about in firs game Qxd5 and equal position

  32. There is this element of blindness in chess where the obvious is seen but the optimal is hidden ❤

  33. Cant black defend with Qxd5? at 2:20 or do i miss something?

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