Fried Liver Attack | works best under 1000 Elo

This video shows the fried liver attack. A common opening with many traps. The reason why it’s so strong is that many players in low elo actually fall for it. It’s a great opening trap for chess beginners and young chess players. You can use this opening to improve at chess and increase your elo. Subscribe right now for more chess content.


  1. Midway through the video, I went to play n try this out praying to get the white piece, i Got it! And guess it.. it was like a scripted chess.. opponent fall for it, eveeryy move was literally the same with this video and i got my first ever quick knocked out😂 ThnkU Sir😂

  2. It's easy to defend. Don't recapture the pawn at D5, just attack the bishop with the knight from A5. If bishop retreats, then recapture the pawn with the queen or knight. If white protects bishop with his queen, attack it with bishop from G4

  3. Does not work above 500 cuz ppl starting to watch chess videos

  4. I tried this 12 times it never worked sadge

  5. I love your vids but personally, abusing cheese openings will lead those low elo to no good. Ok they get out of the elo hell, but what they are going to do with 0 knowledge on 1k3, they will get their ass beat and back to the pit again lol. Still good if you want to impress classmates tho

  6. Me watching this video and realinzing my loss last night because of it

  7. doesn't work really… using against 1600 bot, he has some clever responses, not as fluid as shown here at all

  8. TF am i doing here, i dont even play chess, why my brain refuse to study where there's a exam

  9. What do I do when black plays bishop c5 instead of kinght f6 at 1:25

  10. Can someone please tell me the name of the song at the start of the video ?

  11. You are a great teacher of this game. That's why I subscribed.

  12. Iv'e played 10 games now in 400 though and it doesn't work that low xdd

  13. My first ever successful Fried Liver attack the opponent played the exact same moves ending with Nd4. Almost cried.

  14. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So funny but educational but so much funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. the best move to counter fried liver attack is the traxler

  16. The worst part about the fried liver is your opponent not playing into it. Caro Kann, Scandi, Sicilian, and you aren’t playing the fried liver. But if they do play into it, it’s super fun

  17. There is a beautiful gambit against the eventual Fried Liver. Not the best, but sometimes called the Italian Game: Knight Attack, Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit, it involves the black knight taking on e4 after the knight attack. There is 2 traps they could fall into, either the knight taking on f7, which gives black an advantage by 0.2, or the knight taking, which when happens, the pawn will move to the d5 square, forking the knight and bishop. This gives black an advantage by 0.6, and after the bishop taking the pawn or something, queen comes in, black has an amazing center.

  18. “Top 10 HOTTEST roblox gril skins” got me cracking up

  19. The systematical optimal opening the fried liver

  20. Also keep in mind that if you're playing on, the elo is about 200 lower. 1200 on lichess is ~1000 on

    What's your elo?
    (For future videos)

  21. I keep having to play blackburne shilling gambit, can u help idfk wat I’m doin

  22. master has uploaded again, master has provided again

  23. I don't think it's going to work above 1000 elo

  24. Do evans gambit in meme version pls your vids are absolutely hilarious and amazing

    Edit: the fried liver is good but the traxler is godly. However its kinda uncommon even when im at 600 elo no one plays the fried liver against me 😢

  25. The most entertaining chess channel

    Thank you for what you do!

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