Fried Liver Attack | works best under 1000 Elo

This video shows the fried liver attack. A common opening with many traps. The reason why it’s so strong is that many players in low elo actually fall for it. It’s a great opening trap for chess beginners and young chess players. You can use this opening to improve at chess and increase your elo. Subscribe right now for more chess content.


  1. How can someone use a bor voice and amake it the best voice possible for the video

  2. Hey bro, what's the music at the very beginning like munks chanting in a quire or something?

  3. no bro at 700 people are either too dumb to play the traditional moves or smurfs and just counter it its bad

  4. Bro you are hilarious. Keep making quality content

  5. This so cooll!! (and evil) but thanks for the clear turotorial

  6. no one plays the 5 moves for italian game and knight f6 for fried liver in ultra low elo. they play some different opening. how to beat them because I cant (and no one can) memorize every opening best moves.

  7. I'm at 800 and literally nobody falls for it anymore
    Every guide for the Fried liver says its effective sub 1000 but I think it's very common knowledge at this point.

  8. I don't even care that much about learning chess at this point, but I really enjoy the editing

  9. Wait institutions unclear my opponent played queen in 4th move then I had to play normal chess

  10. I've come to a situation that isn't explained here and with which I didn't find a satisfying answer ingame : what if after the king comes back to E8 and the bishop takes the knight, the queen defends with Qd7 (you can't go Qf7 because you're losing material then). I think you can go Bc6, they take with the pawn, you can then check with Qh5, they go g6 and then you take the pawn on e5. Overall you have a nice position (even though you're losing tempo soon) and black is losing material and has a bad position but does anybody have more insight ?

  11. i was trying to do this in 200 and once i got to the knight fork/sacrifice he didnt even take the knight and just let his queen get taken 💀💀

  12. Even after black plays d5 and na5 I’ve still had some ok games due to the imbalanced nature of the position.

  13. I’ve never seen anyone over 500 lose to this.

  14. Horwitz Defence : Am I a joke to you?
    To get rid of this attack and avoid to knight pins you can push pawn 1 step that front of the rooks before the knights out. You can decide to which side first to looking at which square bishop can be going out.

  15. how no one sees this? this looks like a twin brother of scholar's mate. i thought that is really popular

  16. I went from 1200 to 450 elo resigning matches trying to successfully attempt and execute this opening, even people who made braindead moves had a defense for this that completely ruined it and no one fell for it

  17. This DOESN'T work. I'm literally trying this with 400-500 elos and they seem to NEVER play the exact moves in the video. This is a buncha bullshit

  18. pretty sure this video breaks the Geneva convention

  19. Probability doesn’t work this way. If the opponent 95% of the time makes the responding move that continues the strategy, every move has a 5% chance of losing your strategy. Every slight opening variation. And a variation from that variation. After 2 moves that don’t follow the pattern, strategy is done

  20. What if they simply push the pawn to H6 preventing the knight to come up?

  21. People keep watching this and learning counters he has to keep changing title 😂

  22. Ive been doing this without even knowing, Ive fried so many livers.

  23. me (a 1400) fell for the fried liver against a friendly otb game bcz I wasn't rlly playing for a win just a friendly game. my opponent was 1500 and I put my king to protect the knight after the queen check and surprisingly I won the game against him somehow. unfortunately since it was otb and I didn't write the moves I will never be able to witness that spectacular game again, my friend was literally complimenting me on how well I played

  24. This seat tht u have there looks smooth. I should try itititititiititititititititititit………

  25. 0:27 : I have heard this piece of music so many times , yet I don't know what it is !!

    Can someone help?

  26. d4 against the Traxler is more fun, the opponent mostly just takes the pawn with the Bishop and tries to do the normal Traxler, not considering the fact that the white dark-square Bishop is open unlike the vanilla Traxler

  27. Litterally never played competetive chess, or plan to.
    Still here

  28. I am 700 elo and I know this is such a stupid opening, but it works more than it doesn't at my elo.

  29. Does anyone else hate playing in low elo because you learn all these tactics and game plans only to be unraveled by the most nonsensical moves of all time because your opponent just clicked a random square

  30. Thanks! Got my first brilliant move today because I did the knight sacrifice haha

  31. This whole series needs to be in a playlist for me to come back too lol

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