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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches you the golden chess rule that was used by the former world chess champion Bobby Fischer. Learning this single chess rule will help you stop making blunders, lose less often, and increase your chess performance tremendously.

You will learn this rule from several illustrative examples, including the games of Bobby Fischer himself in which he has implemented this golden chess rule and won games easily!

► Chapters

00:00 Chess rule to prevent blunders and improve your performance 
00:09 Example-1
00:57 Example-2
01:42 Most common chess mistakes/blunders [Prevent them]
02:26 Bobby Fischer’s Golden Chess Rule
03:26 Example-3: Donald Byrne vs Bobby Fischer
04:44 Example-4: Bobby Fischer vs Laszlo Barczay
07:39 Puzzle of the day

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  1. Thanks for this great lesson !

    About the last puzzle:
    Rxg7+. If black takes with the king, then Ne6 forks black's king and queen and black will lose the queen. If black doen't take the rook with the king, then it has to move the king to h8 and it becomes mate in 2 for white: first Rxh7+ then black could play Kxh7 and then white will play Qxh7#. If black plays Kg8 then Qg6#


  3. Also remember that offense is sometimes the best defense. Instead of exchaging, you can try to create an even bigger threat on the enemy's side and neutralizing their attacking piece that way.

  4. Puzzle THE ROOOOOOOOK Rxg7+ and if black captures the rook then Ne6+ fork the queen and the king then black would happily capture the queen and he's up in material cause if he trades rook then he wouldn't have any problem against a knight and a Rook if black instead of capturing the rook moves his king to h8 which indeed is the best move for black then we're gonna sac the rook again with rook h8 best move would be not capturing the rook and move the king to g8 then we would simply are up in material in king side then I'll trade pieces and we could dominate black through king side

  5. Sacrifice the "ROOK"😂 with a check on g7 and then fork the King and Queen with the Knight on g5

  6. Rg7 is nasty…
    Checkmate or you get a Triple Fork!! I always get into the same position but dont know how to convert it to a win. Damn, Fisher is really on another level….

  7. Brilliant, so simple , just tried it , the results were amazing, I have never played so well ( game stats onDr wolf – 105 great moves ,out of 115. …f***ing brilliant 👍

  8. I always thought Fischer's Golden Rule to win games was "Don't play me."

  9. Rxg7 and black has to take it and then Be6 forking literally everything

  10. the principle I never hear discussed is my rule "try to accomplish two or more things with one move" bobbies move @4:35 threatening queen ALSO move his horse forward in an attacking position, so he forces queen to respond, while aggressing on on white's king stronghold. when you force opponent to move or retreat, that's good ONLY IF you are forcing him to move to a less powerful position AND the manuver has left you in stronger position

  11. wow thanks you really help me play chess you get my sub

  12. i never heard anyone say that but its so smart

  13. Oh, thats a brilliantly simple and very instructive rule! Will definitely try to think about this in the future. I felt good for finding all the 'correct' moves 😀
    As for the puzzle, Rxg7+! and if the king takes, Ne6+ wins blacks queen. The alternative is more bleak however, as …Kh8 leads to checkmate.

  14. Wow. Yeah. That changed my game significantly to the better.

  15. Well, 2nd rook to e1 seems more worthy than Rook takes on g7..Cuz after that either black must play Re8 cuz next there's a fork on Ne6, and if black moved up the queen, Re1 to Re6 is another good move (which makes your position more strong) and there are many moves out there, but yes when someone suggested trading of 1 rook and a knight for queen, I just didn't felt that really worth it!

  16. Rook to G7 – check

    King takes

    Knight to E6 – forks black’s queen and king

    King evades check as queen is captured

    I imagine that’s where he resigned.

  17. The example of trading aueens is poor, if they dont take yours and instead advance the g pawn capturing their qieen allows for a pawn on f6 which can be reinforced, which seems losing to me. I think its a decent rule of thumb but you got to also think about how much you give up in trades time wise and posistioning. In the example with the knights it only becomes an issue when you open up the rook file with the bushop trade.

  18. What's wrong with Re6? If you take the knight then queen gets mate so they have to defend it, and I can't see how that's done.

  19. Huh… it's almost like you should think of chess like a battle and not let enemy troops run rampant on your side of the field.

    (That's not sarcasm directed at the video creator, but instead at myself for not having thought of this.)

  20. rook takes g7if king takes rook then knight e6 is a fork if king h8 rook takes h7 if knight takes rook queen takes knight if king g8 then queen G6 is mate

  21. I greatly appreciate your teaching and chess channel. Thank you.

  22. On both examples I said the move that was played, as soon as I was told what the rule was, I immediately though Qe7 to get rid of that queen. I will definitely try this in future games

  23. sacrifice the rook by taking g7 and after king takes royal fork?

  24. R×g7+
    If king takes then fork by knight and queen is gone.
    If king doesn't take then
    If knight takes then
    If king moves to g8 then

  25. Brilliant video thank you 🙏

  26. I'm a zero rated player and in example 1 my gut is telling my ng5 – it doesn't even look like a good move. In example 2 I'd play rb1. Again, no idea why – it just looks open.

  27. Rxg7+ if king takes then we fork the queen and take it on next move

  28. Fischer was a Nazi. Stop elevating him just because he was good at a board game.

  29. for the last position I would sacrifice the rook Rxg7+, kxg7, Ne6+ winning the queen for the knight and rook. but you then can creat a isolated black paw with either dxc5 or Qxd5 depending on how they took the knight.

  30. Rook takes g7 and if black takes the rook then Cf6 check and I win the queen, but if black doesn’t take we just take on h7 check and we are threatening an unstoppable checkmate

  31. rook takes g7+ and if the king takes back, knight e6 winning the queen

  32. Interesting, I'm fairly new to chess but this tactic seems to be embodied in the phrase "be aggressively defensive"

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