Fastest Way to Reach 1800 | Chess Rating Improvement, Common Mistakes & Training Tips to Get Better

Fastest Way to Reach 1800 Chess Rating – its simple, just fix these mistakes. To Get Better at Chess & Improve Your Chess Rating Quickly, watch this video. I will share chess improvement tips, online tools & resources to practice and improve your game faster. We will look at the top 7 mistakes most players make & learn how to fix them. These lessons will help beginners & intermediate players to win more games.
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0:00 Chess Mistakes
0:12 Calculation Mistakes
2:00 Piece Improvement
3:13 Time Trouble
4:11 Bad Endgame Technique
5:56 Opening Selection
7:03 Blunders
8:24 Exchanging without Thinking
9:57 Aimchess Review
10:43 1 Million Subs – Special Message
11:02 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Answer for the puzzle

    Qxh6 and what ever black plays Rh8 mate.. It's quite famous actually I have seen it a couple of times

  2. Indian trader, no braman altruist. Filthy vaishya, pushing for pay site. Disgusting!

  3. I reached 2200 on lichess
    And then discovered that chess is complete waste of time

  4. puzzle solution: Qxh6 , whatever black plays followed by Rh8#. (also its from magnus vs karjakin wcc , magnus's famous queen sac.)

  5. How welly you taught the Lucena position in a very short time. Just amazing – Love from BANGLADESH

  6. Thank you for the video! I've got a question… In your example #7, wasn't that good capturing opponent's Rook and Pawn, by giving our Bishop and Knight? I'm under the impression that this is good because White breaks Black's castle. Please, reply.

  7. queen takes h6 then rook to h8 check mate

  8. Thnks πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  9. thank you so much for this video sir, now My rating in increased from 1600 to 2000!

  10. Ans for the puzzle – Qxh6 if Kxh6 then Rh8# and if after Qxf6 if gxh6 then Rh8#

  11. The things shared in the video were very helpful for me
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information

  12. Congratulations πŸŽ‰ Jitendra. Wish you lot more success and good health

  13. Qxh6+Kxh6
    Qxh6+ h7xh6
    Rh8+ mate

  14. First I didn't watch subscriber count but you guys have more subscriber than chessbase India.

  15. Here bishop to d3 is the best move because after this move black has no good move to play because whites both bishops are attacking on full diagonals so the niether queen nor any rook can move. Now if black plays if queen to e7 just move the pawn to f6 and here's the checkmate, and if black moves pawn to g6 then take the pawn at g6 and now black has only one that is queen xg6 and after that take the queen with the bishop and if king takes the bishop then white takes the rook and here white has great advantages to win the game.

  16. I Want Harder Puzzles because I just Look at sacs and see if they work.

  17. 1. Qxh6+ !!! ( White )

    This move forces white to capture the Queen , either with the king or the pawn .

    Any move black plays results in a checkmate in one .

    2. Kxh6 or gxh6 ( Black )

    3. Rh8# ( White )


  19. Lucina reminds me of Samay raina πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  20. Qxh6 black force to move with king or pawn no matter rh8# mate

  21. Fk Aimchess! Stop promoting so much, it makes the video, which otherwise is good, unwatchable.

  22. 1st move:- Qe3 to h6
    2nd move:- Rb8 to h8
    It's mate

  23. Hey Mr. Jeetendra, your openings are awesome! I used to sacrifise my minor peices so much, and made the game sloppy, and allways failed, but when I watched your videos, I became so much better! Thank you! Did you ever fight in tournement matches? 🀨People should fear you! Your so tactical and use crushing stratigies!🀩😁

  24. Qh6 check king capture h6 and r h8 is checkmate

  25. I am in the winning streak of 15 wins and continuing winning

  26. why cant the bishop just go to g8 check and win the queen with an extra bishop cause the rook and bishop is attacking queen

  27. Qxh6
    If gxh6 then Rh8 mate
    If king takes, even then it's a mate


  28. Pawn to F-6
    Queen to E-4
    Check and mate!!

  29. Which app you use to play chess during video

  30. Which chess app you are using in your videos? because graphics are awesome

  31. For me, this is the most helpful chess channel on YT! Although my ranking used to oscillate between 1600 and 1800, not having played for years, I am out of shape now, and your videos are true blessing, as I learn some of the stuff I overlooked before, or that I need to brush upon. Thanks a lot, Mr. Jeetendra!

  32. I smiled when you said, "If you like this video, don't waste any more time and hit thumbs up", as I never waste time when I watch your videos (which isn't the case in many other things in my life) – I always save time and never fail to click the thumbs up button at the beginning of each of your videos. 😊 That's the least each of us can do for you, appreciating your top-notch content.

  33. to hell with you and your aimchess….. youre soo greedy..

  34. Your explaining ability is phenomenal and unmatchable… Great Sir

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