Everything You Need To Know About Chess: The Opening!

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All the chess tips you need to start playing great chess openings! IM Danny Rensch continues his Everything You Need To Know About Chess series here on the opening.

The chess world is about to lose thousands of “punching bag” level chess players, because after watching these videos, everyone will be taking his or her game to the next level!

First up is the opening stage: Follow the principles and achieve success in your games.

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  1. is it okay to move a piece twice if your opponent takes and you want to complete a trade?

  2. I tried this and he took my knight with a pawn 🤦‍♂️ I didn't see it because he started from the outside pawns

  3. I only beat Nelson (intermediate AI) once and I'm pissed every fucking time lose. So I'm here to learn shit to beat this fucking bot

  4. I taught my mom how the chess pieces move and 20 minutes later I lost to her… I'm tired of this

  5. Chess made me realise that I will never be able to understand some things in human rase, including chess. Including how to conquer a woman. Including how to love a rase that I am within. I hate my existence, I hate the existence of human race.

  6. Raise your hand if the reason that brings you here is watching The Queen's Gambit

  7. Can you subscribe to my channel and provide comment, like and monitoring support?

  8. I don't understand why it is plausible to bring the bishop to B5 to attack the C6 knight when they can easily bring the pawn to A6 putting the bishop in danger so why would it even be considered a good move .. never trade a bishop for the knight. …

  9. If I've won against the best chess player, am I the best chess player?

  10. My only disagreement is "castle early". Replace with "have the ability to castle early." The reason is: the opponent can do a pond storm on the same side the king went to. Also, the opponents minor pieces have the option of not being centralized and still have a diagonal attack available. In other words, castling can have a simplifying effect for your opponent.

  11. Ok I have a very short attention span. So do a lot of people. So cut your introduction down. Its long winded. Meat and potatoes is how you get people to watch on YouTube.

  12. 1. Develop.
    2. Develop.
    3. Develop.
    4. Control the center.
    5. Never move a piece twice especially before move 10.
    6. Castle by at least the 10th move.
    7. Don't bring out your queen too early.
    8. Develop with purpose.
    9. Think about your opponent's moves and threat.
    10. Connect the rooks.

  13. At 7:19 why would black not move his pawn to h6 to attack the bishop???

  14. How do you counter pawn a6/h6 after bishop b5/g5? I keep having trouble developing bishops because of that.

  15. Queens gambit brought me but 'Don't you dare change that channel' kept me.

  16. Actually great video ! Thanks for making this.

  17. Wow! Great video. Clear and concise 👍🏻 Appreciated 🙏🏻

  18. Netflix upcoming chess series:
    The orangutan opening.


  19. a truly excellent video, very well done thanks.

  20. Why when the bishop attacks knight on b5 or g5 the pawn in front of the rook doesn't attack?

  21. maybe the real principles are the friends we made along the way

  22. Isn't connecting the rooks the same as castling? Or does it imply the whole back row's clear except for the king and two castles?:) Thank you for the very useful video, I feel like I'll stand a chance at beating my boyfriend at chess soon!😎

  23. You know you are hard-core player when YouTube recommends this to you after 9 years.

  24. people are here after watching the queen's gambit on Netflix,,, I'm here after losing to a 9 year old in chess-

  25. why is it so important to connect the rooks? what advantage does it provide?

  26. I always get outplayed at the beginning. Doesnt matter how I begin. They always find a way to corner my queen or king. I cant make it past the fucking beginner computer chess AI because they are literally a chess god and find every way to trap and conquer.

  27. Too many commercials in your video. You suck. Money-grubbing f*** there's other places to go to learn simple moves like you're showing us bye-bye

  28. in the roy lopez opening, what would be the best move if your opponent were to develop a pawn to a5 in an attempt to capture your bishop?

  29. HA! you were expecting a "Queens Gambit brought me here" BUT IT WAS ME, not being able to learn Japanese shogi so resorting to chess.


  30. Me after watching this:
    Bot Nelson, here I come

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