Everything You Need To Know About Chess: The Opening!

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All the chess tips you need to start playing great chess openings! IM Danny Rensch continues his Everything You Need To Know About Chess series here on the opening.

The chess world is about to lose thousands of “punching bag” level chess players, because after watching these videos, everyone will be taking his or her game to the next level!

First up is the opening stage: Follow the principles and achieve success in your games.

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  1. Want to play with scumbags who NEVER LOST A GAME. Yes, we know they are cheating, wonder "why @t doing nothing about it?"
    @t do not give a fk about players who NEVER LOST A GAME. Ask yourself, DO YOU WANT TO PLAY chess ON @t?

  2. Everyone : Queen gambit brought me here

    Dewa kipas : hold my coffee

  3. I have a question: What is the next move when your opponent at 7:30 moves his pawn to H6 ( attacking your bishop) A rule is never move the same piece twice in the opening? But you would have to move the bishop again right?

  4. Why do I like pawn F-4 opening? It serves me well and messes MOST players up.

  5. an improbable position smack focus on the fact that smack white is one move away smack from completing his development

  6. My boy capablanca told me to forget the opening and study the midgame

  7. very helpful lol didn't realise how much i didn't know

  8. Wtf I’ve been playing for years and didn’t know you could castle to both sides

  9. im here cus im tired of losing imsg chess games >:(

  10. After watching new chess tactics video I go to play chess and loss

  11. ᴄᴏɴɢʟᴏᴍᴇʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ ᴍᴏss :) says:

    My partner watched the Queens gambit once nd now we're here-

  12. i watched this video 7 years a go while totally green about chess now i am watching it again coz am teaching kids to play thanks

  13. I can’t stand the sound of his lips smacking like he’s eating. I can’t complete this series

  14. Friends: "Bro teach me high level chess"

    Me: sends them to this channel "My work here is done"

    Great video 👏👏👏

  15. i have been a little too often with my friends so trying to step up my game now… after this series im about to whoop him ass

  16. I came for the video but am staying for the comment section. These are fire. 🔥🔥🔥

  17. i’m watching this on the ceiling after taking a blue pill

  18. at 7:18 when you move the bishop, how do you avoid black pawn moving to h6, thus pressuring you to move bishop twice?

  19. I use too think I was good at chess, untill I actually played chess more often then realised I was terrible

  20. Who's in the thumbnail? This was very helpful!

  21. What does it mean to "connect the rooks?" Are you supposed to literally move one next to the other?

  22. No move has ever hit me harder than
    "We're half way there, livin on a prayer, and don't you dare change that channel"… Btw, as a very amateur player, this is an absolutely amazing video..lots of great info..

  23. lol i made almost "never do that" mistakes mentioned in the video and now i know why i lose all hte time
    also why does video helpful as this one has dislikes???

  24. Amazing explanation, thanks for free wisdom…

  25. Whenever I move bishop to g5 as shown at 11:22 my opponent moves pawn to h6 and ruins my life, what am I doing wrong?

  26. On move 14 let's pretend you have a knight hanging by a pawn, but you have a pawn backing up your knight move 14… what do you do? Just move the A2 pawn to A3 or something very low key. He kills your knight, you kill his pawn, your down in material right? I don't know…. after the pawn move and the recapture the position on the board may just be rewarding you +4 tempe. I been playing wild chess lately, and I have seen some things.

  27. I hate to say it guys but I rarely castle anymore in my play style, unless it's an easy game or a sharp. Nobody likes playing sharp. I do artificial bong clouds or make artificial castle's in the center. Do not do this unless you are ready.

  28. Been playing casual chess since I was young and now I'm 19 … But this is the first time I ever watched tutorials and guides. Imaginary Road to gm.

  29. What if you try to defend early and your opponent just keeps attacking?

  30. Mr. Rensch delivers. Well spoken, clear, paced nicely. Thanks from this new subscriber.

  31. I just downloaded this app 30 seconds ago… Did youtube know this?

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