Everyone Should Know this Ponziani Opening Trap

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In this video, I play the Ponziani Opening against a beginner level Twitch subscriber. I showed no mercy, and my opponent walked into one of the most common Ponziani Traps. After the game, I provided some additional advice and tips when it comes to playing the Ponziani Opening.

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  1. You should make a good video on if they take the other pawn which they almost always do.

  2. What a nice, easy person to learn from….really nice voice and gentle manner. thank you.

  3. 5:42 you can play bishop to d2 and if the opponents queen takes the white bishop, now you can play rook to e1. 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Imagine being a 3500 player and losing to ponziani opening xD

  5. Twitch doesn't work for people who live their lives in real time zones.

  6. He's an IM he plays trappy lines against 1000s WTF is qh6?

  7. As far as chess goes I like everything you're doing and want to listen and learn from you

  8. i first watch this video a month ago. after trying many games and failing each times to reproduce it, went back to the video again to realize i was not even doing the correct moves 😅 now I know !!

  9. What do you think about two knights defense for useful traps? I recall Fritz variation is tricky. I’ve played the exact ~10 move game many times.

  10. What is that annoying purple thing that keeps popping up and interrupting your videos?

  11. This requires your opponent to make a perfect sequence of bad moves…

  12. Opening traps ruin the game. Up to world championship level their opening preparation is done to avoid falling into traps, even little ones.

  13. Nonchalantly as if you may even have Asperger’s: “yeah, the pin is mightier than the sword…“ remember, Nonchalantly & continue talking. Somehow Eric is funnier than MOST comedians these days! Trust me! I’m quadriplegic a.k.a. Super Duper cripple;-) and all I do is watch stand-up or comedy podcast from four in the morning to 10 o’clock in the morning for the past seven years so…

  14. @Eric, Nice videos! What is the program you are using please? 🙂

  15. at 6:05, couldnt you have moved black bishop to d2, then move rook to take Queen if they take the white bishop?

  16. im learning a LOT i just started learning to play last month

  17. What bot do you use when you are making these videos?

  18. What is white’s move if black plays d5 instead of nf6?

  19. lol…..playing a 1000 rated to show an opening…..poor……

  20. This was my first video of yours and you got a subscriber out of me.

  21. Ever worry about a "400" player who might secretly be good? I always imagine a scenario where a Twitch viewer has secretly been playing chess for a long time and getting good, but has never registered on any of the chess websites. As soon as he or she does, they are of course a "400", but really a 2000 or something.

  22. Mr and Mrs Withak: Let’s name out son Nikolas.

    Eric Rosen: Thanks for the game, Nikolas with AK.

  23. If she can smoke Magnus u better bring your A game Anish 😬😬

  24. damn you are like a sleeping pill, I played the video faster just to not get killed by boring

  25. That black square bishop was one step from being trapped for sooooooo long ,damn

  26. oh nein meine Königin = Oh no my queen (in German) oh non ma reine = Oh no my queen (in french) 哦不,我的女王= Oh no my queen (in Chinese) o net, moya koroleva = Oh no my queen (In Russian) 🇫🇷🇨🇳🇩🇪🇫🇷🇨🇳🇩🇪🇭🇰🇭🇰

  27. Ponzi opening trap is when you persuade investors to invest more and more in setting up marketing projects to promote chess, create youtube channels, make championships etc, but in reality you just push figurines around the table with no real aim 🙂

  28. That’s not a pin at 7:20 that’s a kabob it ain’t a pin it’s a whole skewer 🍡

  29. 2:34 What about Qb6? that gives the king some breathing space, attacks the bishop, and also threatens mate

  30. poor oppnent is still in the learning phase, i mean look his elo just 1000 with ? which means he has just joined

  31. What if he/she blocked the first check with the bishop

  32. Could've just taken bishop with your bishop on last move before resignation, their defending pawn was pinned

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