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This is a chess lesson with @Myth, who is a chess beginner preparing for pogchamps 3, where xqc, moistcr1tikal, MrBeast, and Pokimane will play. It’s a good review of beginner chess openings, beginner chess strategy, and middlegame and endgame concepts.

0:00 Intro

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  1. I enjoyed the video but would have liked to see it right through to the end. I always end up at stalemate so would have been good to watch how to avoid that

  2. This video is so great for me, someone who wants to start with chess 🙂 Thanks!

  3. That guy whom he is teaching is so stupid that I played this on double speed

  4. Thus has to be torture for the same crusader, but props nonetheless for staying cool!

  5. "To try to get mid control on the MAP." XD Such a wholesome guy

  6. Levy: What happens when you move your queen?
    Myth: What happens when you move your queen?
    Levy: What are you going to do when you play that?
    Myth: What are you going to do when you play that?
    Levy: If you move your Bishop to B5 what is the problem with that?
    Myth: If you move your Bishop to B5 what is the problem with that?
    Levy: What is the most valuable piece on the board?
    Myth: What is the most valuable piece on the board?
    Levy: What piece is on the e-File?
    Myth: What's an e-File???

  7. Thank you for a good lesson, — I've been missing this thought process as in my games I fight like an aggressive animal.

  8. i love the awkwardness levy gives while teaching , hope he was my teacher too tho

  9. After BC8 takes KE6 why not just leave the Bishop. If the black bishop takes the pawn then BC4 takes black bishop. Black queen won’t take the bishop because the white queen would take the black queen. Now you still have the white queen. Am I missing something here?

  10. This is an awesome step by step tutorial with live commentary

  11. 27:50 It’s the best move, you might not like it, but it’s the best move. Reminds me of Rook A4

  12. more control over the map? I am going to use that

  13. I am at 1200 but I can't describe my moves as good as the 400 is doing

  14. "What's the most powerful piece?"
    "In this position?"
    "In any position"
    "……….I have no idea"

    Might be a good idea to learn some basics before anything else.

  15. His brain is so wrinkled and has so many folds you can see it on his forehead

  16. Me: levy is actually very serious
    Levy: haha look there are veins coming out of my brains

  17. This thinking out loud was really helpful for a beginner like me—thank you so much.

  18. That was a great lesson thank you very much Levy!

  19. What about 11:19 Ne6 threatening the Queen and g7 pawn. Which will check the King ?

    Or 18:39 simple fork Ne6 on Rook and Queen

  20. Those 30 minutes is what I wanted to see arghhhh

  21. Could someone please explain why at 21-22min is bishop a3 better than knight e6?
    If bishop takes, then pawn takes we do let the opponent(black) get a bit of peace, but due to the bad development of black, next move pawn e7 checks with bishop and lets you take a queen or a rook(depending if he moves any).

  22. I'm a beginner chess player. You helping another beginner think through the three stages was brilliant. Thank you.

  23. 28:58 it would be so cool if Levy played something silly like …a6, blundering Rd8 to Myth

  24. At 24 mins I saw e1 trade Ne6 trades for bishop with pawn e6 push pawn bc of diagnols and discover check. King to corner and win queen. Or if takes with knight you win knight and trap king in corner. It's crazy to trade there. Amazing pos by myth. Also I'm only 500 so if I missed something pls let me know.

  25. This guy won't be a GM but on other hand neither will I and I still love to learn how to play. Doing this with slightly higher rated (1 – 1.5k ) would be more interesting to me.

  26. Amazing video! Thank you for the change of perspective.

  27. THIS is so great. Seeing the moves, hearing the thoughts. I play with my partner and I always think it would help to talk to each other like this [for educational purposes] but they're so competitive they don't want me to help and they don't want me in their head!

  28. If your opponent found this 54-minute lesson useful, good for you and good for him. But it was so drawn out that I lost patience. I appreciate you making instructional videos, but please concentrate the instruction more into a smaller time span.

  29. This is so helpful for someone like me just starting out

  30. Great video! Are you still taking new students Levi? ^_^

  31. A really excellent lesson. I'm exhausted. Great stuff Levy. Such negative comments from the trolls…sigh.

  32. Just reached 800 Elo today I started August I never played chess before and I so regret it

  33. I loved this and could easily watch the 30 min that were edited out. I wish Gotham did this many times over with beginners up to 1500.

    Either the moves are obvious to us or we are oblivious to them depending on us and the game played but there's always something to be learned and in this era of blitz, this is gold. We beginners don't need anything shorter than rapid and I honestly would wanna try classical. What do I do? Go beg for game in lichess? I think I'm gonna stop being shy.

  34. Referring to taking Levy's remaining pawns with the King: "But you know that's what I'm trying to do." I think that's interesting. I imagine a lot of beginners (I was definitely like this and probably still am), they may see chess as trying to carry out secretive operations rather than simply making operations unstoppable. Making ambitions unstoppable rather than hiding ambitions.

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