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This is a chess lesson with @Myth, who is a chess beginner preparing for pogchamps 3, where xqc, moistcr1tikal, MrBeast, and Pokimane will play. It’s a good review of beginner chess openings, beginner chess strategy, and middlegame and endgame concepts.

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  1. Thank you for pointing out at 11:06 that you have to realize that you don’t have to take the knight after the trade.

  2. Very helpful in my journey… loving this game and your help, would have really liked to see the rook scenario play out, but extremely helpful. To be thoughtful of each move

  3. I wish you didn't cut out the middle of the game.. I know you're trying to keep the video short but it's already an hour long and having a giant chunk of information missing really confuses me as a beginner. I would've liked to hear any discussion about the difficulties in the middle.

  4. Jeez this is brutal myth has no clue what’s going on but acts like he does sheeesh

  5. This video was made for views big facts

  6. Now I want a lesson from Gotham. Seems like a good dude. I’d be embarrassed having a crusher scrutinizing my terrible play though.

  7. Brain damage when playing with you, hahaha, I'm watching and still damaged..

  8. I would most certainly like to see or participate in a video like this with you and with higher rated players. I think these are super instructional and having a 1500-1600 or so like myself may help offer even greater information for more intermediate level players. Is this something you might be interesting in? Discussion about plans and holding and improving positions. Highly educational.

  9. I've been playing for about a month. I watched this video and felt like I immediately starting making more thoughtful, forcing moves. I plan to explore your courses next. Thank you. (also, I'm a teacher, and I felt that "f" sentence starter slip-up).

  10. Just wanted to say what a fantastic video this is for people trying to learn chess! If I could watch and take in 200 of these videos in all different combinations/openings/gambits I’ll be a grandmaster haha 😂

  11. This video was actually really insightful. Would love more videos on the channel with this type of content, breaking down people of different rankings learning their positions.

  12. would be good to see another video like this but with an intermediate player around 1000-1200 ELO

  13. Thank you for this video. Watching a lesson like this is incredibly instructive and I feel like I learned a ton as a new player. This also made me want to take a class! I really appreciate how patient and informative you are. Better than most college professors I've ever encountered.

  14. 48:52 he could just move his black bishop and the knight whould be dead

  15. im new to chess this helpful how can I get some lessons

  16. I love this approach of analyzing beginner games. It's very positive and supportive of new players. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see people doing scathing analysis of people around my ELO.

  17. Myth’s face at 42:45 is how I look during 1/2 my games as a beginner 😅😅

  18. I like that TheMyth is a beginner and GothamChess takes thing slowly and explains everything step by step.

  19. Gib mal Unterricht falls du das nicht schon tust. Schön gefürht 🙂

  20. At 17:14, isn't it worth it to trade bishops for white since e6 would be a potential outpost for their knight? If you trade light squared bishops, then there is no other piece that is guarding the e6 square. Black would have to use one of their knight for that since black pawns can't protect it anymore.

  21. This is the type of vid I wana see. 👍

  22. Am I the only one who saw pawn to D6?? Cuz after check, defend with the knight if takes on D6 knight takes on D6 forking the rook and bishop with rook not having any squares to move to (because knight checks and the rook falls or the queen) and queen not being able to take since it's defended 2 times. If he doesn't take on D6, knight takes on C7 forking both rooks while being defended.

  23. Im new but at 8.00 is it not mate in two , the queen h5 bishop f7 .

  24. I just want to play a game with Levy where I explain my moves and he roasts the fuck out of me for being so dumb lmfao

  25. "im going to win those pawns "😭😭😭

  26. You should have swapped the camera feed positions to make it less confusing.

  27. Levy do you do private lessons? How much?

  28. I’m new so I could be wrong, but if you threaten the bishop and allow his bishop to block at 17:50, you end up being able to take his queen in 1 or 2 knight moves.
    Kf6 then g7 fork.
    If he takes the knight, you get the bishop too.
    Of course I’m probably missing something.

  29. I cant even beat 700 players theres not much point to keep playing like most of the rest of my life its all pointless oh well glad i found out quickly

  30. This is so fun and useful for a beginner like me. Thanks!

  31. It would have been even better if you didn’t show the moves while he was thinking. So the viewer can also think about the move you’re asking for. Otherwise a really helpful video 👌

  32. Your way of teaching is PERFECT ! Keep up the great work ! So very useful ! And positive and constructive

  33. "who's gonna win the pawns?"
    "I'm gonna win the pawns"

  34. Damn i wish i can play gotham while being coached. thats awesome

  35. 19:57 Why not d6+? It forces either Kh8 or Be6. Be6 is a bad move because of Nxe6 fork.

  36. hi …what,s that ..366 ?? is this rate really ?? and why ??who does not know any thing about chess must have Elo ?? and why you must play with these beginners that just must be in clubs for learning correct chess way ?? are u kidding us ?? chess is a knowledge program ..and not just a game ..and who understand better ..is the better player …so for be the best .must so much try ..and learn ..and spend time ..more and more ..many many years …thanks ..

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