DOMINATE as Black with the Caro-Kann

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The Caro-Kann Defense is a chess opening for black. It allows beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players in any Elo to dominate the opening as black. Use to to improve at chess and win more games. In my opinion, this is the best opening for black. Subscribe right now!


  1. In my last loss my opponent played this defense. Halfway through the game I looked at the board and thought 'how tf are his pawns so well-positioned", while I had 3 islands 😂This video explained all the things he did right, and I was played like a fiddle.

  2. Now this viewers know how to apply this strategy and how are we gonna win the game now?? 😆

  3. I swear by the pirc defence, but even I can admit that the caro-kann is always a good choice. If you are a low elo, then you’ll suceed mostly just from the fact that no one knows how to play against the caro-kann. However… once you gain more elo, it’s better to study this opening in much more depth.

  4. Dog your instruction style but I'm a handsome, young woman.
    Can I learn this too?
    They let girls go to school now. And in some places, they even let us play chess!

    Oh 2024, still on dial up.

  5. Man, I really needed a video like this, with memes and humour, not boring videos of openings. Thank you… Really

  6. Wont work if they queen/bishop rush my king/queen, which 80% of every opponent i play against do.

  7. Or and hear me out
    Grow a pair and play 1…c5 ;P

  8. Bro maybe it bc i only play against AI but they never do the first couple of moves you mentioned that the whole strat revolves around

  9. This video made me better at chess with Black; but also made me hit a plateau in chess as Black.

    All the comments are about how this video is “helpful and made me so much better” and I agree.

    But I’m looking for comments that say “this is what went wrong and I don’t know what to do about it,” and nobody wants to admit something went wrong or say the part they still struggle with.

    Maybe somebody only makes this move 3% of the time, but at my ELO people make crazy moves all of the time – and sometimes I have no idea what to do with them.

    Can we have a conversation in the comments about what to do with the Caro Kann when it’s not so easy you can just play the moves you told us to?

  10. As a low iqd casual player who only the basics, this is really well detailed and extremely helpful. Thank you!

  11. I'm here after watching the Ruy Lopez😂

  12. I have a question in 2:18 sec can you just fork the bishop and king?

  13. So you only cover the one variation? Little dissapointed. You can do better

  14. The caro-kann literally lifted my elo by over 200 in just over a month, and I'm still rising!

  15. Just beat some guy who played Caro-Kann and it was one of the most headache inducing wins I had. Had two blunders, but he had the ultimate blunder giving up a queen, and so I eventually won. Need to learn it now to counter against and and use it myself.

  16. been using this alot got from 1100 to 1250 rating, check my lichess – Appybans

  17. Okay but what is stopping them from pressuring bishop g4 with h3 earlier than the bishop to stop the queen pin? I’ve only ever played chess casually and am just now starting to learn openings and actual strats

  18. I just tried out the Caro Kann for the first time
    And 4:55 is what they did

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  20. Stumbled on the channel and rly enjoy the content. Comment 4 the algo

  21. What is they play advance variation and then defend the pawn? You said to move the knight anyway but then you can’t take center because the pawns are guarding. I’ve reached this position many times and don’t know what to do against their superior pawn structure. 😅

  22. I am from Venezuela but thanks for your videos are very good for my students in chess

  23. This part has less editing

    The part: step pawn im stuck

  24. hrmno, uno casándose con la pirc y estudiando 5000 mil posibilidades distintas (llevo como 3 semanas de estudio y ya me aprendí las principales con todas sus variables XD)


    1. e4 c6 2. Bc4 d5 3. Nf3 $4 Bg4 $9 4. O-O $4 Nd7 $9 5. Bxd5 $4 cxd5 6. exd5 Ndf6 $9

    7. Ne5 $4 Qxd5 $9 8. Nxg4 $1 Nxg4 9. Qxg4 f5 $6 10. Qf4 $6 e5 $6 11. Qb4 $4 Bxb4 $1 12.

    Re1 Bc5 13. d3 Qd4 14. Be3 Qd6 15. Bg5 Nf6 16. Nd2 Qd4 $6 17. Be3 Qg4 $6 18. Bxc5

    b6 19. Ba3 $6 h5 20. Rxe5+ Kf7 21. Nc4 Rh6 22. Nxb6 $2 Re8 $6 23. Nc4 Rg6 $6 24.

    Rxe8 $4 Qxg2# $1 0-1

  26. Hi all … Quite new to chess. And this is the first opening that I've ever studied. I'm literally playing a guy now in America online using this video and this opening. It says to pin the knight at any point. But what if he brings out his knight after I've pushed my e pawn forward… Then I won't be able to get my black bishop out to pin the knight. Do you see what I mean? 🤔

  27. Videoların güzel fakat Türkçe dil desteği gelse çok daha iyi olur

  28. The Caro is Garbage. Fischer never used it.

  29. can you play caro kham as whute?

  30. Boom advertisement as soon as you told me to concentrate and go full screen

  31. I lost it at 2min 15 secs
    Its way too complex for my stupid mind

  32. "For a sharp handsome man like you aren't" lol

  33. this video is gold. i was never attacking the pawn in d4. thanks a lot

  34. It doesn't work! After pawn c5 i got check from White bishop 😢

  35. Dude that example game in the end is so helpful to understand the strategy, thanks

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