Difference between Men & Women World Champions 😟

In the opening ceremony of the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2023, all the fans are taking selfies with Magnus while women’s champion Ju Wenjun stands aside and watches it painfully. Watch the snippet.

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  1. This is happening because one of these players is the World chess champion and the other is not. When the women decide to compete with the men, things will change.

    If one thinks that the fans are being rude, perhaps you are correct. However, if a B actor was seated next to Barbara Streisand, the same thing would happen.

  2. So we’re all gonna pretend that there aren’t a bunch of empty seats directly next to her? All she had to do was move over a seat and move back when they were done taking pictures.

  3. I don't see any comments missing the point

  4. 😂😂😂😂مشکلی نی ی روز یکی میاد ادم حسابشون نکنه و بانو رو با احترام کلشونو ببوسه😅😊

  5. If I was her I would have only tolerated it a few times then assert myself and say "Hey, I want to sit too".

  6. That is just cultural ( keeping it to yourself) plus a timid personality. They could have done the same thing to ding. Ivanchuk would have created a nuke ex nihilo and thrown it to the assistants, destroying himself on the process.

  7. It's not male or female It's just magnus I am pretty sure that if the current world champion ding liren was there no one would have cared 😅

  8. It’s amazing the lengths people go to to find a victim in everything! “Can I borrow your chair for a second? Sure no problem 😊.” Done

  9. Not fair exactly. you are comparing a new women world champion to a multiple open category world champion & the undisputed one at that. She has a LOT more to prove he doesn't. Fraction of people know her, millions or even billions know him. There is a night & day difference. even though they are labeled as "same".
    So i don't even understand your point & sad emoji.

  10. This is disgraceful men and women's chess should be combined. Men or women both don't have any advantage in chess over each other so why isn't it combined?

  11. He has no manners to let ppl do that to her

  12. That is rude of the guy & those people. Common sense, he as a man should get his sorry bums up, & greet his people, & allowed her to sit in her seat!!! Sorry to say, but as a true gentleman, he should know better than to allow them to not allow her to sit… He is high up in the nose to proud of himself & avoiding her… & it shows from the beginning when he walks in sitting next to her… Acting as if she is not there!!! They want pics with him, yet he didn't even acknowledge them!!! Lol… That's how rude he is… Looks like he don't even want anyone near him!!! All stiffened up & look ungrateful as well towards his fans!!!

  13. That's unfortunate but Magnus isn't just the WC or used to be. He is one of the greatest chess player who ever lived.

    Ju Weinjun is a WC but her rating is just so much lower…

    Im not saying that to justify what we see here which is TERRIBLE taking your seat….

    Im just saying that these 2 are NOT the same… And that's a fact and rating speaks for itself.

    There shouldn't be a sperated price for Men and Women in chess… This can only hurt Women. Because they reach a point where they don't strive for becoming better… Men do so that's the difference.

  14. She's so Polite and Nice Person 100x than magnus crysen😂

  15. It was very disrespectful and impolite from the organizers. Hope Magnus will see to that in future for those organizers. But have to mention, Ju is very kind person. Instead of being triggered, which is very natural in this situation, she was actually enjoying the whole thing.

  16. Yeah welle there's a good reason, a female world champion is like being 200th on the global leaderboard, I'm not sure I care that much about the third best chess player, so the 200th… She should be way more than happy to be even let on this stage with magnus

  17. Bro what is women and men championship magnus is world champion …

  18. You can read all kinds of things into all kinds of things.

  19. Its the difference between being the number 1 in the world and the number 337 in the world, I don't think it has anything to do with being a man or a woman

  20. That's not right. What the fuck operation managers managing?

  21. It’s not about men or women, it’s about Elo. If she had a higher elo, she would be the star. Don’t act like women are being mistreated in chess too, nothing holds them back to get the highest elo, it’s fair competition between men and women there.

  22. Lack of education at it’s best 😢

  23. Well that isn't the same level, Magnus is one the best chess players of all times, he had the highest elo ever in the history of chess of course there is more attention on him. If she was competing against a guy like Magnus she wouldn't even be there… I'm sure that if men were competing against women, there would not be a lot of women world champions, like Bobby said :" I could give them a knight and still win easily, I guess they're just not so smart" oh and for anyone who say it's rude she had to get up, she could have told them "no", the fans aren't rude it's just that she's too kind. When you're too kind people take advantage of it, never show a loophole or people will rush into it ! It's her fault it happened ! Don't even talk about Magnus having no social awareness, "ho he could have stand up" He was probably thinking about his career and these idiots came to take pictures of him so he did it to be nice and that's it, who cares what you would have done if you were him. I don't even know he realized what happened to her. I don't even know if he realized who she was.

  24. Is Magnus unaware of her status or is he 100% misogynistic?

  25. There is no men and women world champion
    There is world champion of both men women and it is magnus.

    And then there is one for women.
    Magnus is not men champion . The championship is open for all

  26. If Men of the same stature don't take the call, like here Magnus should have taken the stand for her, patriarchy cannot be broken.
    – It would have been a complete different situation if it were tennis. Zokovich or Federer surely would have seen through this ignorance of the society even when tennis has physical superiority of men against women players.

  27. well magnus is also on a different level than most players period. You could make the same comparison to magnus and a bunch of GMs.

  28. I guess people did not realise it was Wenju's assigned seat but Magnus could have stood up to take the photos with his fans or simply point out they were sitting in the female world champion's seat so that was a bit disappointing of him

  29. She is so cute and bubly❤.
    Feelingbad for this disrespect😢.

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