devil Queen sacrifice 🥶 | Chess tactics #shorts #chess #brilliantmove


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  1. Black queen takes white queenBishop check to C6Pawn takes white bishopRook B1 takes rook B8 checkBlack King move to D7Rook move to D8 check mate

  2. Hay dos caminos, uno donde ganas porque tu oponente no es muy bueno que es simplemente comer con la torre el peon de b7 y luego mate en c6 con el alfil simple pero poco elegante; el otro camino es hacer jaque con el alfil en c6 obligado a comer el alfil abriendo la columna b donde haces jaque comiendo con la torre en b8 unica de las blancas es rey a d7 y finaliza la partida con torre a d8, atrapado por sus propios peones y sin posibilidad de defenderse

  3. QxQa5,Rb1xb7,
    If Rb8xRb7 ,bc6 is mate !

  4. чорна королева забираю білу, вежа на b7, її б'є інша вежа, і білопольний офіцер ставить шах на c6.

  5. Queen takes queen cause he thinks it it is free Rb7 takes pawn and Rock must take rock cause it is check mate by force😅

  6. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 burada zorunluluk yok ama Beyaz'ın çok üstün bir vaziyette kazanıyor

  7. After Qa5, Bc6, xc6, xRb8, king forced to d7 then Rd7#
    Edit: Rd8#

  8. That's just dumb… It is not forced.. It only works if opponent is stupid.

  9. Someone please explain.. I don't get the chess language 😅

  10. Guys it’s this queen takes a5 bc6+(forced to take then rook b1 takes the rook on b8 king d7 rook d8 mate

  11. QxA5, RxB7, threatening to take the rook and you’re threatening bishop c6 checkmate. Chris cross apple sauce.

  12. Black queen takes white queen white square bishop moves right below c pawn and checkmate

  13. 1. queen gakes queen
    2.white rook takes pawn rook takes white rook
    4.white bishop check mate

  14. 1. … Qxa5
    2. Bc6+ bxc6
    3. Rxb8+ Kd7
    4. Rd8#

  15. queen takes queen, white rook takes b7, black rook d8… what now ?

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