Destroy This Solid Chess Opening After 1.e4 as White

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In today’s video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will show you how to defeat one of the solid chess openings for Black, the French Defense. It is the Two Knights variation, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.Nc3.

While moving away from the mainline (2.d4), you will get your opponents out of their opening preparation and get ahead in the opening stage. Watch the video lesson and learn how to play against the most common responses; 3…dxe4, 3…Nf6, and 3…d4.

► Chapters

00:00 Destroy the French Defense Chess Opening
00:11 Two Knights Variation, 2.Nf3 d5 3.Nc3
00:33 1) If Black plays 3…dxe4
01:39 If they don’t fall for the Bg5 queen trap
03:31 2) If Black plays 3…Nf6
03:45 3) If Black plays 3…d4
05:46 Puzzle of the day: Find the best move for White

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  1. I played Chess steadily in the early 80's, and I wish you had been around to teach us such beautiful tactics. I can see why Yasser Seirawan's high school chess team dominated our state for so many years.

  2. the move is rxb4 if black takes with the queen we will capture the c6 pawn forking the king and the rook in the corner and also guarding our e5 pawn and if he capture with the pawn we will directly capture his rook in the corner.

  3. Hi, could you do a video on the Phillidor Defence as White. I really like your videos and the comprehensive way in which you explain the game.

  4. Rxb4 then the only move is Qxb4 , then Qxc6 + then we can easily cut the rook

  5. At 4.07 minutes what if instead 🤔 of nc6 black push d3 attack n and then protect d3 by c4,

  6. Just what I was looking for! Thanks a lot Igor and Keep Up the Good Work! 😊♟

  7. Martin Ralchevski - Мартин Ралчевски says:

    It’s always pleasure to watch your advices 🙂👍🏻

  8. Would Knd4 also work? The idea is we capture the pawn on c6 with either the queen or the knight, and then we have a positional advantage on black. Better with the queen, because it's also a check (5:55)

  9. 3:33 covers the best Black response, except it discusses 5…Nc6 instead of 5…Nf6

  10. 2:30 how about black answer with 8…Qf5 instead of Qg6 Queens have lot more options after .. and very active

  11. ► Chapters

    00:00 Destroy the French Defense Chess Opening

    00:11 Two Knights Variation, 2.Nf3 d5 3.Nc3

    00:33 1) If Black plays 3…dxe4

    01:39 If they don't fall for the Bg5 queen trap

    03:31 2) If Black plays 3…Nf6

    03:45 3) If Black plays 3…d4

    05:46 Puzzle of the day: Find the best move for White

  12. Thank you, now I can finally destroy my opponent who plays solid >:D

  13. This variation of French is so fascinating! This is why I love Chess so much

  14. I guess the move is Rxb4 when pawn takes back you capture the rook when queen takes ,ou capture on c6 to firk the rook anyways

  15. 5:56 Rxb4!!! If black takes back with his pawn, your queen will capture his rook on a8. If black tries to capture with his queen, it will lose the defender of c6 square and you will play Qxc6+ forking the king and the rook and your position is crushing!

  16. 9. Rxb4 axb4 10. Qxa8 … White is up a bishop and infiltrating with the queen
    Black calculated this and tries to avoid this variation, by capturing with 9…Qxb4 instead, but this move loses to 10. Qxc6+, forking the king and rook in the corner.

  17. 5:38 what if …Bxd2+ —- Qxb1?

    Never mind. White can take back with knight, defending the rook.

  18. It is very sad that as a GM you misleading people with such hyped-up titles. People play all their life and still cannot find a line to equalize and you make people believe that in 6 minute they can learn to destroy someone after a solid chess opening like 1.e4?? Please be honest and find alternate ways to increase your viewership on Youtube.

  19. So, what if black pushes the pawn forward further at 04:15 ? vacate that highly-attacked square, gain a temp attacking the knight on e2… would that allow for something better?

  20. Move the bishop at c1 to a3.
    Is that the stronger move rather than putting the pawn at a3?

  21. Thank you. This channel really help me a lot in chess. Even the old videos that uploaded years ago are very useful.

  22. 5:52 with bishop sacrifice d2, Queen can capture Rook on b1 to compensate?

  23. Rxb4! If a5xb4 QxRa1 and white has won a bishop. If Qxb4, then Qxc6+ and afterwards QxRa1

  24. Love the French. Really great vid mate 🙂

  25. Somehow Igor makes me believe I can play chess. I connect to his calm delivery.

  26. What if when night takes night black captures with the pawn instead of the queen?

  27. can you make video about queen indian all variations

  28. Thank you so much for your videos! They are helping me to be a better chess player.

  29. I love the way you exolain the game, it seems so simple and obvious.

  30. Rook takes Bishop
    If they capture with the a5 pawn we take the rook
    And if they capture with the queen then queen takes c6 pawn with a check and win the rook on the next move

  31. What if black doesn't take knight with queen, and takes knight with pond?

  32. I think it's Bishop A3 because once we take their bishop, if they recapture with their pawn, our queen can take their rook. Sorry I don't have proper notation memorized.

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