Deadly Chess TRAP to Win in 8 Moves in Every Popular Opening [Tricky Gambit]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a tricky chess opening gambit for White. It’s called the Tennison Gambit which happens after the opening moves 1.e4 d5 2.Nf3 sacrificing the e4-pawn.

Although it occurs in the Scandinavian Defense in most cases, it may also transposition from other openings. In this video, you will learn the transposition of this gambit from popular openings such as the Sicilian Defense and the Caro-Kann Defense.

This is an aggressive chess opening that has a lot of deadly tricks and traps. Most of your opponents will fall for the early queen trap which allows you to win the game in just 8 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Powerful Chess Opening Trap to Win in 8 Moves
00:24 Tennison Gambit, Scandinavian Defense
01:35 Win Your Opponent’s Queen in 8 Moves
02:05 If Black plays 3…Qd5
03:25 If Black plays h6 instead of Qxg2
04:29 Transposition from the Caro-Kann Defense
05:36 Transposition from the Sicilian Defense
07:09 Do NOT make this mistake

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  1. What to do when your opponent doesnt take the second pawn on d3 but instead attacks your queen with bishop G4? my opponent did this and I completly crumbled. even stockfish says pawn d3 doesnt work. do they have to take it?

  2. Brillant vidéos as usual. Good timing as well, lots of precious infos

  3. Why on earth are you so sure the opponent will defend the pawn with a knight and not bishop? Even on 1000-1200 lichess ratings people are not that dumb, so this works barely in 10% of all my games.

  4. Usually no plays into my hands but this trick worked first time! Thank you and big well done👍👍

  5. Clear, and practical advice. You speak to a constellation of situations in a helpful summary way that is somewhere between strategy and tactic. Thank you.

  6. I watch these trap videos, never to actually play the trap, but to not be the fool that falls for it 💀

  7. Sorry i commented on the wrong video of yours this strategy made me win 2 games 🎮

  8. I guess the thumbnail is somewhat misleading ..
    It shows that White's last move was Nf7 forking queen and rook
    When black king takes the knight. Bg6 lures the king front which allows the capture of the black queen

    Instead of moving knight to f7 in the first place …. Bishop to g6 was mate
    Am i wrong? Correct me if I missed something

  9. But what if on 6:34 Bqd5 attacking knight and there is no perspectives to chackmate with knight/bishop scheme ?

  10. This is the most brilliant chess channel for us under 1600 level players. Spasibo

  11. Please advise, 2:55 what if black moves Qe5 checking white?

  12. Time for the Intercontinetal Ballistic Missle Gambit!

  13. “你蝇了”😂😂😂😂

  14. What if black brings out the rook pawn to take your knight instead of taking your d3 pawn so you can bring out your bishop?

  15. ► Chapters

    00:00 Powerful Chess Opening Trap to Win in 8 Moves

    00:24 Tennison Gambit, Scandinavian Defense

    01:35 Win Your Opponent's Queen in 8 Moves

    02:05 If Black plays 3…Qd5

    03:25 If Black plays h6 instead of Qxg2

    04:29 Transposition from the Caro-Kann Defense

    05:36 Transposition from the Sicilian Defense

    07:09 Do NOT make this mistake

  16. Hii GM igor fried liver attack is soo annoying can you make detailed vedio to counter fried liver attack

  17. Tennison gambit is super tricky, This is why I love Tennison gambit

  18. Blk knt was protecting its queen , and I would have taken White Queen…imho 🤔👊🏾

  19. "To kill two birds with one stone" is the expression.

  20. So exciting it makes me feel like making chess one of my addictions

  21. For the more aggressive players, there’s a pretty cool line after Kxg6:
    Black’s queen is so exposed that you actually have time to launch an RT-2PM2 Topol-M cold-launched 3 stage solid-propellant silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile. From there, the game is pretty much over but if your opponent survives you can still play Qxd8 and be up material anyway.

  22. Oh thanks again Ivor for this soo fantastic opening! 😊👍♟

  23. Lots of laughs I fell to this playing a Caro Kahn on lichess but person didn't know the whole line really annoying I hide on g8 lol and it was a GM playing a tournament Caro Kann Exchange

  24. 7:03 But bishop to C4 allows the king to retreat and protect que queen, how is this winning?

  25. Would the gambit still work if ur opponent were to play e5 at the start??

  26. Thanks, this feels like cheating though 😝
    You didn't mention how to refute this line and avoid this happening to us? I guess don't take the gambit? 🤪

  27. One thing to improve on this is that sometimes Black pushes e5 instead of attacking the knight. Then you just pretend that you're simply developing the bishop on e3, and then use it to check the king when he escapes to e7. This worked several times with me.

  28. love your vids but I can't remember them when I play 🙃

  29. Transportation is an interesting subject. More transpositions!

  30. most powerful anti-scilian opening:
    just go d4.

  31. What do you play after 4…h6, i always get this move

  32. Winning in 8 moves is wishful thinking! And it remains to be seen whether white can win being a Queen up versus a Bishop and Knight down!

  33. It's also applicable against dutch defense.. 1) Nf3 f5… 2) e4… F into e4.. 3) Ng5… Nf6
    4)d3…e into d3..5)bd3… D5 getting center but it is trap
    6) b into h7…N into h7 7) qh5… King d7…. 8) nf7 + fork

  34. At 7.51, invite queen capture by playing h4 . If black plays Ne8, e5 leads to checkmate by Qf7, Qf3. If black plays h5, continue with f4. At the very least this nets a minor piece for white

  35. I reached 1000 elo in less than 2 months you definitely helped me alot😊

  36. What I like about Tennison Gambit is that it looks like you're just making dumb 800 level moves. When playing over the board, you could definitely sell this against unsuspecting opponents with a little acting.

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