Crush the Caro-Kann – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz shows how to play the classical line of the Caro-Kann Defence. See three games where white successfully crushed it. You’ll never be confounded by 1. e4 c6 ever again.

Gata Kamsky vs Yasser Seirawan, US Championship (2012): B19 Caro-Kann, classical, Spassky variation
Sergey Karjakin vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, FIDE Grand Prix Zug (2013): B19 Caro-Kann, classical, Spassky variation
Ernesto Inarkiev vs Rui Wang, Chinese Team Championship (2015): B19 Caro-Kann, classical, Spassky variation


  1. 54:36 black can just trade the queens with Qc4. And that endgame is not sooo easy to win for white i think 😮

  2. 46:06, in this position, what if Re8?! Rd1 Ne3 (so Rd1 is bad), if Re8 Rf3 Re1# and white gets mated so because white has backrank issues I don't think white can successfully trap the knight immediately.. Maybe white has to play a3. so something like Re8 a3 Re1 Ka2 and then white just uses the passed pawns to win…:) no need to capture the knight but just confine it's movements and isolate other pieces while pushing pawns to least that's how I'd play as white 🙂

  3. We learn a lot in two years.
    No one does h6 anymore.
    Shows how ahead of his time he was.

    Now we go h4
    And sacrifice the pawn for counterplay…

    Carro Cann is still my favorite.
    I switched to it from the cicilian

  4. What is the avg rating of the class that you teach?

  5. (26:25) how about queen taking the e6 pawn, with an intention of later taking the h6 pawn with my rook. seems preety crushinig to me. oh, wait it's very similar to yours. 😉 but yours seems safer for the white king.

  6. I do not like aggressive chess players.

  7. I love John, but stop clearing your throat

  8. This is very helpful thank you very much Sir God bless you!

  9. Unfortunately if us Caro players want it, we can insist on a solid position and castle long instead 🙂
    Try and get your attack then 😀

  10. Super duper brilliant chess game opening explanation thank you

  11. French defence chigorin variation e4 e6,Qe2

  12. Bayonet attack kings Indian defence

  13. Earlier: "So great we have a really high-rated audience" 


    Shakes head like Ben Finegold

  14. Caro kann is solid you can crush it with one video

  15. what if in the beginning they move e6 then Ne7?

  16. I love chess, specially your videos

  17. Is it just me that feels bf5 is inferior to the karpov? Most players who play classic caro looks for a solid line, but the karpov is more solid and basically equalizes immediately in the main lines because its that solid

  18. Me: i like caro kann!
    St Louis chess club: here's a free video on how to destroy it.

    Me: 🙁

  19. Damn, Jonathan was so nervous compared to now. Just compare this video to the YouTube vids he releases today. Incredible difference

  20. 18:00, I was thinking Ne5, ready to sac a rook to break the pawn shielding of black king.

  21. I found the "our audience is so high-rated" comments to be annoying towards the end. I thought it was sweet to honor Julian's last day, but after a while it was enough. Thinking critically and creatively is for everybody.

  22. Who is here after levy's caro kann video

  23. Give this man a freaking cough drop

  24. pls dont drink anything when you telling something, this smacking sound is unbearable

  25. Loved the video! Just the right amount of depth in your explanations for me today! Cheers!

  26. Anyone get recommended this in 2021 and think of Eric Rosen's Caro video?

  27. Great selection of games. Excellent commentary.Thank you!😇

  28. Ridiculous to tell people about a main line (yeah, I only looked at the thumbnail)😂

  29. The koerel kann opening.

  30. Omg who is that guy constantly having breathing problems around minute 47-48. He's still struggling like 3-4 minutes later lol. Doing my head in.

  31. I love attacks where the opponent can‘t trade Queens. Simply crushing. Get checkmated if you don‘t, get squeezed if you do.

  32. At 10.24 mark if bishop goes D6, that changes the whole plan/game actually. Can someone help/provide solutions for this variation? Fo we continue pushing the same line as before? I clearly think not…

  33. 8:45 No, Black didn't get an extra move compared to the Bd2 line. Bf4 Qa5+ Bd2 Qc7 transposes exactly to Bd2 Qc7 (it's White's move in both cases).

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