CHESS TRAPS that every BEGINNER should KNOW!!!!


  1. Why would they trade bishop for knight that isn't the line. Sorry bro you missed

  2. Huh. How weird. Just random emojis where a person normally puts a watermark. Hmm how odd

  3. And what if he castles queen side instead pf moving the queen?

  4. I think this is impractical as like no one plays QA5

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  6. Trust me Scandinavian player.
    PLAY knight c6 if white not play d4.

  7. If black push his pawn to e3 he will loss of his pieces

  8. This is just stupid. There is no line like that in scandinavian. Sorry there is until Qa5

  9. he even block the credit to the real guy's video, he suck.

  10. Bro i mean isn't that what we want but the opponent always does something else and we get our cheeks clapped by our own trap

  11. Fellas, traps don't happen every game, but it's very good to know the ideas, because even if you don't play the exact line he showed in the clip, you can utilize the idea of hanging the bishop for the fork in similar positions, maybe even in other openings

  12. In the end the best move is qb6 to at least preserve castling rights. Ffs this entire sequence in so contrived that probably it has only ever been seen a couple times through history

  13. useless as fuck no one play like this even 200 rated player don't play like this

  14. this further affirms my opinion that scandi is a trash opening.

  15. i play the scandinavian every game and it makes no sense how black can mess up like that

  16. No beginner is going to play these moves. Learn how to play chess instead of memorizing and playing hope chess

  17. As a Scandi player you know never to develop your queen’s knight to Nc6 exactly for this reason. c6 is an essential pawn move to give your queen an escape. The knight should develop to Nd2 instead.

  18. As a Scandinavian player, I never do this. I always f6 after Qa5, and nobody ever takes the knight too

  19. Why does black develop the knight instead of the c pawn? Stockfish considers that move to go from +1.0 for white to +2.6.
    Also why doesn't black just castle in response to the bishop attack?

  20. Imagine stealing content and not hiding the watermark and the creator name. Sure a loser bitch

  21. Wow!!! DUDE, How come white gets 2 moves in the second scenario.

  22. Nc6 in the scandinavian is completely unnecessary and blocks c3, making the c7 escape square for the queen unavailable

  23. Any normal person would move the pawn istead of the knight

  24. Why arr you covering the username of the person the tik tok video belongs to with emojis

  25. "If your opponent blunders and plays worst moves possible, you'll win"

  26. Why didn't the queen take the extended pawn instead of the bishop?

  27. Bruh this gameplay is for 300 rated player (very low rated gameplay) (??)because only pro players know how to play Queen's opening and that's not how the game works if that happens solution:Quuen to Kb1
    Who agree:

  28. I played the starting after queen takes pawn queen checks the king and goes back

  29. My favorite opening is by tricking my opponent into harming the board, i call it a légal trap

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