Chess trap that every beginner should know2! @beginnerchessclub #shorts #chess #catur #chesscom

Chess trap that every beginner should know2! By @beginnerchessclub, tiktok :()
#shorts #chess #catur #chesscom #fyp #viral #chesschamp


  1. No beginner will ever pull this off because they'd be playing another beginner. They won't cooperate and the whole game is chaos.

  2. There are more stars in the universe then their are grains of sand on earth…but in a grain of sand are more atoms then their are stars in the universe. But there are more possible chessmoves then atoms in the (observable) universe; 2 trillion galays each with 100 billion stars and 100 billion planets. This trap is a nice one…but first it must come to this point 😉

  3. Like your shorts make similar ones myself keep em coming

  4. Then, how if the first pawn get kill by the black pawn

  5. Why would anyone sacrifice their knight for a measly prawn tho

  6. Yeah idk that a queen sacrifice is really beginner friendly

  7. Great response to queen rook fork! However … the king blundering to attack the knight is actually a perfectly fine move with only two pieces developed for black. At this skill level black would not be able to capitalize on this disadvantage and most likely just lose momentum …

  8. Would be a good video if you slow it down just a little

  9. Where can I play with the chess with those signs? (i mean the star, exlamation…)

  10. I probably won't even remember this💀

  11. Thats kinda a lot of steps, can the opponent defend this?

  12. Why didn’t the king take the bishop there?

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  14. When you played c3 is that called pawnziani or not?

  15. That bishop is getting taken by a pawn if I’m black so wth

  16. Hold on let me clean out my ears…… ok now what the fuck you just say?

  17. My problem is that all of these strategies seem to apply to extremely specific situations. So even if a single move is different from the example, the whole thing falls apart.

  18. if he doesnt see this ,its a checkmate.

    More likely i am the one whos falling for that trap..

  19. I feel like this would work maybe once every 1000 games because nobody would every play that exact set of moves

  20. Is the beginner chess lesson in the room with us?😂

  21. I like how it's the PC who puts me in these traps and I fall for it every single time

  22. Is this a tactic or just a whole game develop?

  23. Doesn’t make sense look at when bishop double threats the horses. Why on earth would horse sacrifice themselves instead of get out the way and make a trade if so. Wouldn’t work

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  25. Both of blacks knights were referred to as, "his other knight" at one point. What do you do if you're playing a female?

  26. As a beginner i can confirm after watching this video a few times, and some carefull concideration, i have come to the conclussion that still went right over my head 😂

  27. No beginner remember theory past 3 moves 😂

  28. idk im following along with this against a computer and it hasnt followed any of your counters

  29. Bro said trap then gave up his queen lol

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