Chess Trap For White | Chess Opening Trick For Beginner

Chess Trap For White | Chess Opening Trick For Beginner


  1. That is why so many played this against me. I always played Nf6. They would take pawn and trade queens, but most times forget to guard the exposed e5 pawn from my knight. Leaving me more developed and with same material…

  2. This opening is commonly known as the wayward queen attack. After qh5, the best move for black is kc6. I like this trap, but it generally only works on beginners.

  3. Noice thanks for the good impression of my friend

  4. haha this is terrible, when i play as black against this i always just g6 the knight.

  5. Instead of moving the pawn to G6 can't black just move their queen to e7?

  6. Fianchetto is an italian word, so the closest to the correct pronunciation is the "spanish people" version of your video πŸ™‚

  7. Americans are very rarely right, whenever they use a foreign word πŸ€“ Fianchettto is Italian. Pronunciation: fee-an-ketto. Only so.

  8. Can someone help me. How do I win if he moves knight to f6 and I take pawn at e4?

  9. Still not working againts advanced computers lolll

  10. Except black can place his knight on the h7 and….

  11. Yeah i could use a chess tutor. My entire group plays chess and i the weakest member, I hate it.
    I have a love for war and strategy I just need help with opening up, and learning to guard my pieces.

  12. Fianchetto is a Italian word so the pronunciation it's a 100% "fianketto"

  13. If opponent more than 1300 rated, u will suffer to break that defence, easily opponent winn start attack from other side

  14. I have a question, if black instead moves d7 to d5 (or any move) at the beggining, is there any solution & can the trap still works?

    (cuz i really worried dat might happen)

    (also nice vid)

  15. these moves will not work on anyone above 600 just so you people know. It's effective against noobs but not people that have dozens of games

  16. American say fian sayto
    Spanish say fian kayto
    I say

    Suck my bishop

  17. Aaj kal koi move kaam nhi aata hai. Yah khelne waale ke upper depend karta hai ki woh kaisa khelta hai

  18. This trap is called "Scholar's Mate" 😎
    Thanks me later…

  19. I did your trap but after I moved my bishop he moved his quen in front of the king

  20. don't think any1 above 1100 will fall for this trap..

  21. Thnak you so much man i wish you were my coach i won my chess tournament with help from this video

  22. Fianchetto??? First of all, it is an Italian word, and you need to pronounciate it as fianketto but write it as fianchetto. This is not to be offensive, but change the "Spanish people" to "Italian people" and really.

  23. My cousin was stun to speak

  24. I literally started a game, found your video, watched it while simultaneously playing, and won the game in 2 min. Thank you!

  25. What level does this work at? Sub 1500? My best rating was around 1400, I'm at 1100-1200 though now as people have got better and thus ratings have generally decreased by knowledge comparison in rating as the sport has advanced and people have on average become better.

  26. at 1:05, what should i do if someone moves there bishop infront of their king instead of moving their pawn to G6?

  27. I think there is one more attack after Black Knight to F6, which is Queen to B3. Depending on Black's next move, they would loose at least one knight in exchange for the White Bishop. Coach Kestoy, your thoughts on that strategy?

  28. How to defend is take your queen up defend the king

  29. In English you pronounce FIANCHETTO the second way and in Italian and Spanish you pronounce it as you did the first time. Thus it depends on what language you are speaking. It is actually originally an Italian word but as you can see or hear rather it has its English equivalent at least in pronounciation

  30. Hello, I have a question. I am new to chess and I only know the basic rules and roles. How will I win if the enemy does knight to f6?

  31. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Hell yeah! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³βœŒοΈ

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