CHESS STEPS #2 (600-1000)

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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 2.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Game 1 vs 617
14:45 Game 2 vs 769
28:31 Game 3 vs 854
46:14 Game 4 vs 986
1:01:40 Game 5 vs 995

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  1. 1. I watch without ad blocks.
    2. I am watching this series and then the course.
    3. I love your content and these long game recordings rock. Keep it up. Thank you.

  2. Been playing over a year. My rating is currently 720. This is great

  3. Levy you should do more of these videos 🙂

  4. Im currently 800 but always ahead according to the engine after the opening. My issues seem to be navigating the middle game when the situation is more fluid. Never know when to make the pawn breaks etc

  5. Why you dont play those advanced moves i ve been playing chess for two weeks and Im really bad in it but I see those moves before you say it so please just do it …

  6. Me being 800 but levy saying the move I found was 2700-2900

  7. Would love to see Levy lose to an 800.

  8. 55:05 this guy is playing the game of his life and Levy is more worried about dinner 😂

  9. 59:47 Something weird. I know what played was …dxc5, Kxd5, but for some reason it shows the king in check from the black d6 pawn that should be gone.

  10. 38:04 is the correct description of how I play and think when I miss 😂

  11. why didn’t you premove the queen sacrifice the knight and checkmate bruh. queen d2, knight g5

  12. queen has no protection in 2nd game but it still mated that is kinda rare when i was in 770 range

  13. Levy being “Yeah it’s crazy if he plays the Traxler (however it’s spelled). The best move here is bishop takes” I’m like but you can fork the Queen and knight and will take that queen EZ! Then shows what he’s talking about and I know I’ll never be capable of catching that kind of trap

  14. Man records right after and i watch right after

  15. 7:33 can someone explain to me why he played H6? I am beginner but would love to understand better 🙂

  16. Levy went "…which I won't recommend… Donot try to beat me On Time" … RIZZ Bro

  17. I dropped from a 1400 kid to 800 rating college graduate, idk what happened

  18. Just watched the first game…Some excellent advice. Very useful thanks 😊.

  19. Me being a 600 catching the knight check and the nE5 flashy move and seeing the room shift being like??? My tacticalities are p good, a lot of the games I win I get estimated at above 900 by the engine. I just blunder bad every now and then and get screwed and that ranks me after I lose to a player rated a lot lower than me

  20. I know that can be a stupid question, but how can I make THAT red the square when I select it? Because I always get a light red. Thx

  21. episode one was top notch, thanks for the insights

  22. I watched the first video and series (0-600) and started playing chess and reached 550 in a day.

  23. this guys is 2700 but barely beating 700s…. i dont get it

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