Chess Position Trainer – Study and Practice Chess Openings

The video shows how to
– review and import a repertoire in Chess Position Trainer 4.0
– train against an existing repertoire, from a specific position
– review statistics to see how well you know your repertoir
I use Slav exchange for Black to illustrate the tool’s main capabilities. More about on my blog:


  1. This is more like watching a guy play with it than a learning video that actually explains how to use this thing. Wasted time. How about a walkthrough of all the option and how to set up and program this thing from A to Z with no unnecessary chatter and game play? That would be much more helpful.

  2. A couple of questions.Does the software update somehow to keep current with modern theory?Is there any real advantage or difference between the free version and the version available for purchase?Thanks a bunch, and thanks for the great video and information.

  3. cool!

    I was wondering, if you don't already have a repretoire does it give you suggestions? I only know most of my openings about 6 moves deep and then I just wing it.

  4. Chess Analysis and Improvement from Chessvideoguy says:

    It does not really give you any suggestions, although I am pretty sure in the full version you can turn on a computer engine and get ideas that way. You can also download other people's repertoires, even though I had not tried that…

  5. Can DGT board used with this software application??

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