Chess Openings: Traxler Counter Attack

The Traxler Counter Attack is a very aggressive defense from black stemming from the two knights defense. Instead of defending the f7 square, black offers to counter attack the weakened square on f2 for white.

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This opening usually ends in wild tactics and rarely ends in a tie.

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  1. crazy gambit! wish it could be used more often

  2. I was trying to find out how counter Bxf7. I was disappointed.

  3. I never thought this channel is 10 year old.

  4. What if my first move is to move pawn from b2 to b4 to defend it from the bishop to c5

  5. I love that I finally found this and then I go on lichess and all of a sudden no human being is playing the fried liver. It's all sicilian now 🙁

  6. Thank you…wish you would’ve flipped the board to see from blacks perspective 🙏 thank you still.

  7. So devastating watching white in this position so sad i know the feeling 😔 just accepting fate 😔

  8. Whenever I've tried this in a match, white has NEVER done bishop to c4. It's always been queen to e2, which then is a block for my bishop to attack from c5. If I move the knight instead to get ready to attack their queen on e2, then their knight on f3 (which they have not developed any further) will take mine first. So in other words, I've never been able to build tempo using Traxler the way this video shows.

    Anybody have any advice for when white leaves their knight on f3 and instead develops queen to e2 to defend the king?

  9. 4:02 what if g3.. knight g3 but what if h2 doesn't take knight but just kh8

  10. Note on 13:37 its not checkmate you still have the white bishop to decline the checkmate ps correct me if im wrong 🙂

  11. I 've been using this opening for white and never knew this counter attack. I also didn't realize black could castle with the knight on F7…mind blown

  12. what if they take f7 with the bishop instead of the knight? what do you play?

  13. 10:26 Why not got Bishop g4 to threaten white queen right away before moving the Knight?

  14. Hi Kevin, can you bring some light as to how do we go about the Traxler, if instead of the white knight taking the weak f7 pawn, the bishop comes in and gives a check, what do we do then? Move the king away and do the same on the opposite side? Thanks. @ thechesswebsite

  15. 13:09 Missed a forced mate.

    Bishop to E2 forces the bishop to take, and if bishop takes, knight to E2 is checkmate.

  16. What if they take woth bishop rather than knight?

  17. at 13:02 , instead of castling we can play Knight to e2 with check . Opponent has to take with his bishop playing bishop to e2. We then recapture with our bishop playing bishop to e2. Now queen to F1 checkmate is a threat and we don't have to worry about a bishop keeping an eye on the F1 square. Also we don't loose a knight for free. Castling after wards and bringing in the rook can also work. Just a fun alternate line….truly a great video….keep it up

  18. At 10:14 shouldn't we sacrifice our knight and do bg4 to attack the queen?

  19. 13:28 Qf1 isn't checkmate, there is Bxf1. I'm sure you meant Qf2. Anyway, nice video!

  20. You talk a lot. Learn from Mato Jelic.

  21. it's my favorite but hard to remember every right move. make one wrong move and it's a problem.

  22. Well very cool and all but yet again my opponent plays a diffrent move that isnt explained and than i have no clue what to do. what do i do aftee he defends with rook to f3 instead of either the pawn or the queen.

  23. 6:30 What does black even have? You take his rook and he takes yours. Seems like an even position.

  24. king moved to e3 with me . i think that was good move

  25. 13:27 "Qf1 is gonna be checkmate." WHAT ABOUT THE BISHOP ON C4???

  26. I hate dealing with the fried liver. Can't wait to try this out

  27. That is my most favorite defense of black ever

  28. Great video! Only thing is the board should have been flipped around so it shows black’s perspective

  29. at 12:16. If he takes the knight on D4 with his pawn, be certain to take back with the bishop. Otherwise all your pressure has just been deflated and your 8 points down in material with nothing to show for it

  30. When the opponent wants to play traxler but you just take f7 with the bishop with check

  31. Small correction, 4 … d5 is not the fried liver, it is 5 … Nxd5 6 Nxf7

  32. 13:00 after king move to g1 its checkmate in two move. You move your bishop to d2 where your N protect it. If they takes it with their bishop you take back with your N. If they dont, you give them checkmate with your queen on f1.

  33. 11:34 why can't black play b5 defended by the knight and forking the Queen and Bishop?

  34. please do longer videos if you can, I'll watch/learn…I don't mind longer videos for any variation of openings….please like for votes if any one agrees!! great channel to support, like/share.

  35. What if your opponent castles right after you bring that bishop out attack their weak pawn???

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