Chess Openings: The Queen’s Gambit Declined

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FM Kostya returns to talk about one of black’s most solid options against 1. d4…the Queen’s Gambit Declined!


  1. Thanks for this i have a tournament like two days from now this is very helpful cuz this is my fav opening on white

  2. I always get whooped by the computer. I suck at chess

  3. Seeing as this is an introductory video, I can accept that the finer points of the TMB variation, such as locking in the Queen's bishop with 8. Be2 Bb7 9. Bxf6 Bxf6 10. cxd5 exd5 are not covered.
    However, I would stress the importance of playing not playing 4. Nf3 so quickly. In some exchange variations, it is advantageous for White to develop the King's knight to e2 in order to build a strong center with f3 and e4. 4. Bg5 is, therefore, the more flexible move.

  4. Very nicely shown. Just one comment- would be nice to see this opening from black's side, with the screen showing black at the bottom. In fact want to see all openings from black side with black pieces at the bottom of screen. Please consider for future videos thanks!

  5. yeah thats exactly what i was thinking, plus you don't have to waste a move capturing with your bishop

  6. exactly.., the computer moves are precise to the T…CAPITAL T. Humans move are not, if you play other people you get the feel of how people play and can use psychological methods to win.

  7. Bad things with playing a computer is that sometimes it can make a good move and sometimes it can't. Probably because it found a good or a bad move first.
    If you meant playing with people in personal, not in online, well yeah they can be a jerk.
    I don't know which way is better but just play with either a guy or a computer.

  8. I'm too awesome in chess but i always get whooped by QUEENS GAMBIT!

  9. exceptional video but the board could be shown from blacks side.

  10. Hahaha. Come back when you're a grand master then I might listen.

  11. What should you do if black plays bishop b4 on turn 3 or 4? leave it and take with pawn if he decides to trade? Or apply pressure with the a pawn?

  12. What if black does not play bishop e7 in preparation to castle at 1:10 ? Any significant new options?

  13. 4:50 Why white doesn't capture cxd5 right away? Taking a center pawn with a flank pawn; isn't it what this gambit is all about? Like the Sicilian? Then White has 2 center pawns and black just one. Any thoughts on this?

  14. for f sakes why decline the pawn????

  15. So after putting the question to white's Bishop, what if white responds Bxh6? Sure it loses 2 pawn points but it seems like it really exposes Blacks king. Is that a good move for white?

  16. I hate these kings, the pawns are severely malnourished.

  17. OMG, Bro i made provincials and used this in a 2nd tiebreaker

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