Chess Openings: The King’s Gambit Accepted – a fun White opening for blitz chess!

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  1. I believe more people were accepting the gambit in the 1800's because it came down to a question of manhood, almost. You were basically admitting defeat if you refused and you were a down right chicken if you played the Falkbeer counter. Even today, the few times you see this opening at top level play (eg: London classic a couple of years ago), accepting the gambit was a matter of coarse!! If you want to show this opening as unsound, then you absolutely must accept the gambit IMO.

  2. Im glad to see, that you started doing some opening videos, Mr. Gavriel.
    I would LOVE to see a vid about the KID by you, if you want to (:

  3. I love playing against the Kings Gambit. Always play e6 and am often allowed to simply play bg7, h6 and g5 suporting the pawn for a clear pawn up which is often pretty easy to convert in 5/2 blitz chess!

  4. Keep up with the opening videos but I would recommend making them shorter so they are more watchable

  5. why not let black take the rook with Ba3, sacrificing the Bishop and take the queen?

  6. In his King's Gambit "Bible" John Shaw calls 3…Nc6 the refutation of Bishop's Gambit. It might be nice to include some of his thoughts in your next video.

    And thank you for this video. I play KG not only in blitz, but even in OTB chess and I have some fun and successes with it. In fact, this is the opening that I know the theory of best, I think.

    Also… You said that you will post PGN file 😉

  7. Chess wouldn't be chess without the King's Gambit!

  8. Kingscrusher so glad you made this video. You were the reason I started playing this opening and I'm very excited to thoroughly digest this video after my midterms

  9. You missed the key Bxf7 after Triple Muzio's Qxa1, that's where all the fun lies after Kxf7 Qh5+ = …  Of course the defense Kd8 destroys the triple muzio, but denying the third Bxf7 is a moral victory for the gambit player 🙂

  10. Would be great also to share the PGN! Thanks for the video.

  11. Nice video. I was looking for this for a while.

  12. on that triple muzio you can't trap the Queen by bringing the bishop to a3

  13. I got massacred by black once from …3 – B e7!

  14. very irritating voice and as usual in the youtube videos too many useless talk

  15. When I face the fischer I often play Bc4 after h6 i play a4. white i believe has an advantage and white is getting a strong center with an easy d4

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