Chess Openings: Tennison Gambit

If you like to start with e4 and your opponent plays the Scandinavian defense, d5, then the Tennison Gambit, 2. Nf3, is just for you.

While this may not be the most sound opening in chess, it’s extremely fun and can catch your opponent off guard.

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  1. This guy has been through a lot first ppl blow up his queens gambit variation and now the intercontinental ballistic missile variation

  2. The video looks at lines where black returns the pawn after playing ..e5. Nxe4 follows then black can play ..f5. Black then plays Ng3. But the video does not consider the natural move ..Be6 covering the a2-g8 diagonal.

    1. e4 d5
    2. Nf3 dxe4
    3. Ng5 e5
    4. Nxe4 f5
    5. Ng3 Be6
    6. Qf3 (−1.2 Stockfish) e4
    7. Qd1 Nc6

    Stockfish, however, recommends 6. Bb5+.

    6. Bb5+ Nd7
    7. d4 c6
    8. Be2 Qh4
    9. de 0-0-0 (0.1 stockflish)

    In blitz, I think black has the advantage in the above position after queenside castling just because black's position is easier to play in a fast time control. And now black becomes the gambiteer.

  3. The pawn on f7 should be captured by the bishop after exposing's it. Then, keeping the knight at the same square, move to d6. The next move is obvious. The king will be in check, so he will move out, becoming exposed to other piece attacks.

  4. Bishop could defend the king in that first example smh

  5. The creator of this video must be very confused right now

  6. how about pawn h6 variation? Attacking the knight early.

  7. I searched for this because a guy destroyed me with it

  8. i remember in school i bragged about being the best chess player. so then i was challenged by one of my classmates. We didn't use any strategies like this because we didn't know they existed. we were such equal matches for each other that we got an even amount of checkmates and in our tiebreaker battle (that the entire class watched) it ended in a stalemate. we agreed that we were equally good and moved on.

  9. You forgot to launch the ICBM to control the board

  10. I keep going into this by accident when rushing the opening and not noticing the opponent played d5 XD

  11. 0% Comments about the Gambit
    100% Comments about ICBM

  12. I don't use the ICBM variation, but when I do, I prefer the LGM-25C "Titan II" cold-launched 2-stage liquid-propellant silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile.

  13. I'm poor, and can't afford an ICBM, could you teach me the alternative version using an ATGM instead? I have the "9M133M Kornet-M" anti-tank guided missile.

  14. People watching
    1% – to learn how to play the opening
    99% – here to launch the intercontinental ballistic missile to attack black's remaining pieces

  15. Instructions unclear. Accidentally launched intercontinental ballistic missile into black pieces.

  16. Why is there only a few people here not talking about GM Vikram Rahul Abhishek Pranav Rajesh's new strategy?

  17. you have knight on g5 for a long time, but what should I do if he moves a pawn down to attack? This seems like an obvious move for black

  18. there's a trap i got caught on where you move d3 and if he eats, you eat with bishop then sac the knight and bishop to check the king and eat his queen

  19. Damn, I had someone use this against me so I learned what it was called, now I find out it's a meme?!

  20. 6:35 bishop f7?
    dont you see white can get fork with knight f7?!

  21. 7:33 queen not trap . black Queen play g4 and it saved by bishop

  22. Pawn to d3 we’ve kinda seen this move before

  23. What about the pawn on h6 that chases the knights away I had it last night.

  24. I keep unintentionally making this gambit in bullet xd

  25. f4 is for 1200 and below skill players

  26. 1:33 What about the bishop? Moving the bishop to E7 instead would be better, wouldn't it?

  27. I like how every single comment is about the intercontinental ballistic missile

  28. 8:12 move the white square bishop and you trap the king, if you can draw the queen away then move it to B5 it’s checkmate

  29. 1:33 why dont the block with the bishop, thatll prevent a queen trade

  30. u play knight to e5 at 0.44 black always plays pawn to f6 and then you bring out your queen to h5, the result is either you get a rook for the horse or you check mate your opponent. This version of the opening is quite flawed sorry

  31. What ia the purpose of castling in tennsyon gambit?

  32. 4:00 pawn to f5 is the best way to defend according to modern engines

  33. 12:35 d3 if they take, then take back with bishop; whatever they do next knight sac on f7, then bishop check g6 then take their queen.

  34. You didn't go over nf6, d3 trick pxp bxp and say black plays h6 (huge blunder)

  35. No intercontinental ballistic missiles? 2/10. Will not play!

  36. At 1:34, why would he move his queen in front of the king isntead of the bishop? The bishop will screen without sacrificing the queen.

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