Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon

Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon
Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon
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  1. This is the first of your videos I have seen. I love how informative you are and will be watching many more. Thankyou

  2. This is fantastic!! Kudos for the clarity of the explanation, and the passion that transpires through it. Just one observation. The Italian work "fianchetto" should be pronouced something like "feeahnkaettoh" ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sir you are great at explaining openings. You actually tell why the opening is the way it is instead of immediately going into some artificial game that favors the opening, like many YouTubers do

  4. I was hoping your next video would be on the Dragon! Excellent!

  5. I always wondered why they play f3 when e4 is protected already. great opening video as always!

  6. I usually mess around with the Najdorf/Scheviningen and I was hoping this video would convince me to play the dragon but for some reason it hasn't. I dunno, I just think the yugoslav attack setup is just too good.

  7. i have a feeling that the yugoslav attack is like,
    either white kills black in a hurry or black is going to run over white if he survive the dark square bishop exchange

  8. I love watching this at 0.5x speed. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. so this is your big comeback dereque your videos are the best i have ever seen in my life you are better than any master in my city chess club and only your videos make me the chess player i am today thank you great video i am more french player than sicilian but still !!! kepp making videos!

  10. Keep it up man! Always been a big follower of your videos. You and chessnetwork are my favourite.

  11. Why did you not cover the line at 7. Qd2 Ng4 8. Bb5+ Kf8?

  12. This guy is so awesome that stardust comes out of his mouth while he talks at 13:28.

  13. Wow…just subscribed yesterday and today a new video..!
    You RULE the video chess world, hands down..!

  14. I had the same epiphany while working through the Dragon, the Yugoslav Attack is tough! The weaknesses created by …g6 provide insight into the strength of …a6 which continues the queenside play without weakening the kingside (at the expense of still more development time) – amazing how subtle chess is!

  15. Thank you!! The next video is already underway as well as a project that we have been working on for a -long- time!

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