Chess Openings: Sicilian Defense

The Sicilian Defense is widely considered the best defense against white’s e4 opening move. Here we discuss various lines in the sicilian defense and key concepts to consider when you play the sicilian.

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  1. Just a small gripe. If you are going to show a defense play, show black from the bottom, which is the perspective that you would have, if you were actually playing.

  2. Hey Kevin please rotate the board for defence lines…

  3. the Sicilian doesn't get much done, you can put an aggressive early game attack, it's also a more boring game where less activity happens, and if you try to do the dragon, it's weak

  4. theres a crushing move for white, rook onto the g file

  5. Guys just play this at 2x speed. This fucker talks slow like a snail man.

  6. But what if bishop gives a check what could be the best move white to play

  7. I am sicilian and i never heard about "sicilian defense" cuz i have never played chess before. I started to play for fun with my girlfriend, and i notice i almost do this, even i NEVER EVER Knew about it ahahaha is like is my dna so xD ther is something, some move, some strategy related to Egypt?

  8. Take a drink every time he says "thrust"

  9. Hi Kevin, can you do one video on the king’s fianchetto opening?

  10. poetic music for the intro would love to play chess with u someday

  11. I thought the opening music was from Unsolved Mysteries.

  12. Who just got done watching “Queens Gambit”

  13. I just sacrifice the pawn on b2 whenever someone plays the sicillian defense 🤷now I have a free line for my rook on a1

  14. im relatively new to chess so i dont play the sicilian yet. but if i come up against a player that plays the sicilian i will play the gran prix attack

  15. When you said "These moves should not be played" were you referring to whites moves or blacks moves? And in either case, which moves should be played then?

  16. seems like the, "black loses a pawn" defense. I'm just starting out at this, so maybe i missed something. not overly impressive as shown

  17. Also, you probably should point out that black needs to be ready to play an active, aggressive game. this is not a Caro-Kann!

  18. Never go in against the Sicilian when death is on the line!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  19. What about 1. e4, c5 2. Nf3, e6? Many beginners /intermediate players such as myself OFTEN fail to realize that the c5 pawn is guarded by Bf8. Even if they take with a pawn it allows you to develop the bishop on f8 to c5 after white takes c5. I've taken MANY MANY knights, bishops, and even queens by capturing c5 with the bishop. I am a beginner and i love playing black because 90% of the time i AT LEAST develop my bishop to c5 early.??? Thoughts???

  20. Please, stop saying "uhh" and " umm". These fillers are very distracting.

  21. After Knight C3 can't Black play e5? It threatens the knight, it opens up the king's Bishop a bit and if anything it pushes forward a central pawn..
    If this wasn't in the suggested continuations i'd assume there are one or multiple reasons why it's not a good move, im just a newbie trying to learn 😉

  22. I will add my name to the ME TOO movement 🙂

  23. I like the three variations you showed at the end. But why not e5 on the fifth move as a possibility? Force pressure on the knight on d4, plus get a pawn to the center. (Forgive me if there is an obvious reason not to, I'm a noob.)

  24. Am I the only one from 12 years later … ?

  25. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    The most common defence for black

  26. What if white’s third move isn’t pawn to e4;

  27. If white plays d4, can black still play f5? Is that still sicilian defense?

  28. O Chess man
    I beseech thee to taketh my hand
    Leadeth me throughout chess land
    Methinks that thou art a handsome man.

  29. I am just reiterating another comment here. Why not replace this video and all defence videos from the other side of the board!

  30. 100 I'm started to see this opening more at my level so I need to study up. Haha.

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