Chess openings – Sicilian Defence: Open Sicilian

Chess openings – Sicilian Defence
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  1. I have to say that Dereque's videos are not balls deep, but they are deep enough to understand the majority of the tactics. I especially do like that he tries to tell us the ideas behind every significant move.

  2. what if black plays 4…e5 to threaten your knight? what do I do?

  3. You're really good at explaining these complicated ideas in a way that is understandable and it seems I can take away key implications and premises

  4. Excellent video Dereque!!! Can you pleas tell me what kamera you're using?

  5. Fabulous video and great teaching. Thank you so much!

  6. This is easily one of the top 3 instructive chess channels that i have come across. It is very lucid and thorough in it's analysis and it is well produced.

  7. Can you make a sicilian vs pirc defence?

  8. After the C5 pawn opening, I find Bishop to C4 the most natural move but never see it. wonder if that’s considered a bad move and why.

  9. As a beginner, these videos have been incredibly helpful for me. I still suck, but now I know why. Thanks Dereque!

  10. After
    1. e4 c5
    2. Nf3 d6
    3. d4 cxd4
    4. Nxd4 ..

    Why doesn't black play 4. …d5?

  11. Hey man, this is really good stuff. You are turning my chess abc's into ABC's.

  12. In the Scotch opening variation that you showed, after white plays 4.Nxd4, if I count the moves, white has made 4 moves [ 2 pawn moves and 2 knight moves] to reach that position. But black has only made 3 moves [one pawn advance, one pawn capture and one knight move] to reach the SAME position. So how is white the one that is ahead in development when it has taken him more moves to get there? [ needless to say this whole subject of winning and losing tempi is way over my head.]

  13. I love how you get right into the video

  14. Ive been playing about a year. Just a beautiful explanation of the opening and ideas behind it. A comment under me said that he didn't learn anything. Then he wasn't ready for this video. Im playing a correspondence game against someone superior to me. Here is why i watched this video. 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4. What do i do now? Did I mess up playing my knight instead of d6? anyway 3…cxd4 4. Nxd4 and i played g6 looking to play Bg7, castle then push my center pawns. get my knight out and my center pawns….. My c pawn an e pawns were never issues for my bishop because i am fianchettoing my dark square bishop. Anyway great video.

  15. Hello Dereque, so I got all your Apps for Carlsbad, QGD Be7, QGD Tarrasch, KID Bayonet… question is do you have any other Apps for defences against e4, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your explanations and it makes sense and helps my understanding very well. If not please consider making it available. I am a loyal follower. Thanks

  16. Since we are supposed to be learning how to play with the black pieces here, wouldn't it make more sense to have black at the bottom of the board?

  17. I taket it you don't have a favorable opinion in using the open Sicilian. An opinion based on fact!!

  18. Better than the depressing dzinzihashvili & danny kopec vids.

  19. You are so good at explaining stuff. I finally got into playing the game after over 3 decades away. And I'm familiar with the names or the openings and some of the basic movements. But you're so good at explaining the reasoning behind choices.

  20. Thank you, your oversights of this development were very useful and entertaining.

  21. What id queen capture on d4 instead of night?

  22. This chap is the best chess presenter. So clear.

  23. Ah thank your for summarizing this openng. Now I understood that when Im playing black and choose the Sicilian defence its bascially an advantage in the longterm if white can be kept from breaking through (and ofcourse the probably occuring own flaws are not decisive enough).

  24. Check out the damn picture quality of this 2010 video! Holy crap! I don't even have this good quality in 2019! Also, I like the way he explains in terms of WHY the position is valuable for both black and white and what strategies they imply.

  25. i dont know much about chess but this dudes passion is infectious. love it.

  26. Very informative and enlightining . Love you man

  27. Love the clear explanations of concepts. Thank you.

  28. Here after 8 years of this video being posted, and I'm glad I found it, no doubt more people will following Queens gambit being released

  29. I love your enthusiasm for the game, thanks for making these informative and exciting vids.

  30. when my opponent starts as white with king's pawn to e4,
          and I respond as black with Sicilian pawn to c5,
          and then white responds with king's side knight to f3 (open Sicilian),
          is there a specific initial Sicilian black defense version (? a6 O'Kelly, ? d6 Najdorf, ? e6 French, ? queen side knight to c6, ? king side knight to f6, ? other)
           that works best against white's open Sicilian
           (in order for me to know what best 2nd move I should make as black) ?

    thank you for all you have done for the chess community!

  31. 3:35 if you played the dragon variation you would develop both dark and light square bishop

  32. The best video I've seen regarding chess lessons. Timing, sidelines, conclusions… everything. Understood in depth allowing me to apply new concepts in to my game. Loved it.
    Edit: Upon watching a second time I realized that coordenates on the board while explaining would be very helpfull. I understand that is not issue for more advanced players but it is hard for me to keep up with the explanation without pausing xD.

  33. brooo how is this vid 9 years old I tought it was like a few month

  34. What's interesting Americans call us Sicilians WOPS and DEGO

  35. this is one of the best channel on youtube! this helped me to defeat my opponentes thanks again. i watch this vedio 1 hour a day. i like your confidence of speaking.

  36. What if black goes e5 to kick the knight out in the open sicilian?

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