Chess Openings – Semi Slav

The Semi Slav is a very popular opening for black in defense of the Queen’s Gambit from white. It is seen at all levels of play and is thought to be one of the more sound defenses against the Queens Gambit. It is similar to the Slav defense, so if you haven’t seen that video already make sure you check it out.

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  1. I like "crazy" and I like Cambridge Springs, and sometimes I can get away with that wonderful trio of pawns on the Queenside (which pretty much douses White from O-O-O) but then, what fun! What FUN!
    Bro and I love throwing the wood into the fire early (I have a few more years at the game than he) hust to see who survives the heat!
    Good video…and, now, if I have ANY honor at all, I will send the e-dress to Bro, now.
    (or…should I wait a game or two?)
    nah…I'll tell him.

  2. @Aelfredus26 it's a defense so I showed it from black's perspective. This was like the most requested view so i flipped it for the defense videos.

  3. Thanks Kevin for your detail explanations of the different courses of actions on every video you provide to us FOR FREE. I noticed that you accept monetary donations. I will do my best to send you some. You should be compensated my brother. You are very articulate, smart on chess.

  4. @TheGambler666 in your example, it is black's move so he has many different options to stop the bishop taking and attacking both the queen and rook. I was only showing that black can't stop the pawn taking the knight on the next move. The analysis is not thrown into doubt. Please go over your comment before you question the video.

  5. @jularias57 Thanks for the kind words and yes, I do accept monetary donations on the website 🙂

  6. @thechesswebsite

    Can you do a video on the Kings Indian Attack?

    Also, can you suggest a defense for black against white's E4 or E5?

  7. This is very interesting, but to teach people openings you MUST either show egzample games, or at least tell people to analyze them. Theres no point in learning an opening, that you will have no plan after the mainline ends.

  8. @thechesswebsite @8:15 At first I didn't understand how WHITE pawn to g4 is a good move, given that the pawn is left hanging, black's knight is now not blocking his queen from the e-h black diagonal……

    But I understand now, if black captures the g4 pawn then white can respond with Rook to g1, and black has no choice but to either push his h or f pawn or retreat, in which case the g7 pawn is left hanging.

  9. Is it unsound for white to push his knight to e5 attacking f7 early in the queens gambit?

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