Chess Openings – Scotch

Chess openings – Scotch
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  1. Excellent video! I also enjoyed FM James Canty III doing a video on the Scotch Gambit.

  2. i ve never had any of those variations played against me! is it for super advanced player?

  3. Best video for scotch opening! The ideas and plans are laid compared to other opening videos

  4. I reckon this dude could teach rocket science to kindergarten kids and they would understand the material. He has a way of explaining things so you understand them without much effort. Great teacher/ coach

  5. very straight forward explanation ,thank you

  6. ALRIGHT! Thank you for hearing our request Master Dereque! We expect more fantastic videos in the future.

  7. Waiting for 2 weeks for your new video was worth it! xD

  8. Hi I really enjoy the video. Just a bit of constructive criticism; I would like to hear a little bit of the history about the openings and who are the players who have used it… I'm new at chess and I find your videos very educational. Thank you. Greetings from Argentina.

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