Chess openings – Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game

Chess openings – Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game
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  1. I usually just do either the Reverse London, Nimzo Indian or Queen Indian, just need to learn how to advance my mid-game better understanding how to pin & skewer

  2. Wonderful videos. Thanks for upping my knowledge. What chess board do you use? Also can I purchase it with your app since it seems from your video they synchronize. Would I be able to play against your app on the actual board? If so – where do I buy? Thanks. .

  3. Thank you! If you are referring to the wooden board, it is a gift from long ago and I am not exactly sure of the brand. I do believe it was purchased from the USCF Store though, so perhaps this will help. If you're referring to the visual board, this was custom-made by a genius! I do not understand the final question however?

  4. Cool. Thanks for that. My question you did not understand was basically me asking if your board would allow me to play against your "chess tactics" apple by connecting them. You indirectly answered that question though. Lol. So not possible πŸ™‚

  5. I love your approach to teaching openings, Dereque. It feels like a positional approach where we can learn the intricacies of a system, so that no matter what other variations come over the board we understand the ideas. This is infinitely better than going over so many tactical lines with no insight into the game that follows. Thank you for this.

  6. Hey, something that really helped me was watching the commentaries on londonchessclassi(dot)com. Its really long, but you see GM's tackling positions for hours on end, analyzing a few different positions and the tactical lines, etc. I watched a few hours and the tactics just got imprinted in the back of my mind…

  7. Hmm, I've never seen this! When I checked the database, interestingly games had an overwhelming tendency to transpose into main lines after 4.Bc4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 which is a normal position from the Ruy Lopez. The bishop simply took a different route to b3. So perhaps 4.Bc4 is just as good πŸ™‚ (Though it was not connected with Bd5)

  8. Incredibly instructive video.
    Though apparently at 10:10 you misspoke: "This is […] why White has a little less of an advantage in the Ruy Lopez…"

  9. Aha, yes, I believe I meant to say "less of an advantage in the Italian Game…." Thank you for the catch and for the kind words!

  10. Well, looks like I'm going to be switching to the Ruy Lopez now!

  11. great videos……real clarity. Love to see you do the catalan sometime.

  12. do an anaylsis on the sicilian dragon!

  13. no not an order,just a suggestion that's all

  14. I still prefer the Italian game. It seems in the Spanish Black will kick the bishop with a6, b5 and the bishop eventually ends up on b3 eying down f7. If the bishop's scope is going to end up on f7 anyway, why give Black two pawn moves with no loss of tempo? I'd rather place my bishop's scope directly on f7 and follow the opening principle of not moving the same piece more than once.

    I also don't play c3 and d3 in my games. I prefer to go for the fried liver attack or Evan's gambit.

  15. Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing your videos. They are superb in every aspect: quality, presentation, knowledge. It is all top notch. Gee, I am so much looking forward going through them all!

  16. I like those chess talks even if i'm grandnoob. Thank you!!

  17. a6 and b5 aren't really gain of tempos as they weaken the black queenside and white can easily target it with a4. Also, the bishop on b3 is better placed than on c4 since it is less exposed to attack. 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 b5 5.Bb3 Na5(aiming to eliminate the knight) is not good for black by the way since after 6.0-0 black is behind in development and white will quickly follow with d4. There's wrong with preferring the Italian, but i'm just saying that a6 and b5 isn't worrying.

  18. I play the Lopez. It seems to give both sides more variations to choose from, like the Berlin, Breyer, Classical, Chigorin, Exchange, Marshall, Schliemann, and many more.

  19. White is hurrying to make sure that he can play Bc2 in time when Black plays …Na5. White has the time needed because Black must first play …d7-d6 before he can play …Na5. White could also use the move order of c2-c3 first, then Bb3. Hope this helps!

  20. Hey, I love your videos. Would you consider doing a video on the Fried Liver Attack and the Lolli Attack which arise out of the Italian Game?

    Thank you.

  21. 4:26 the main line of the Ponziani opening after 4 … Nxe4 is 5 d5 not dxe5, followed by 6 Nxe5 if played well by black he can usually gain equality, but white has good early attacking play if black is unprepared. I do admit that if black plays 3… d4 black probably has a better game though

  22. Great video… Tbh I rarely looked at all into the italian opening and pretty much always played the ruy lopez. I guess it's nice to know some of the advantages just to see why.

  23. Very thorough and thoughtful. I find ur videos unique in a way the ideas and themes of openings are presented well compared to the popular ones out there which focus mainly on variations. Ur videos help me appreciate the openings better. Thank you.

  24. Glad you're loving the vids! Thank you for the suggestions

  25. At 4:18, d5 is the best move according to Kevin from thechesswebsite. com in his Ponziani video What do you think Kelley?

  26. Looks like the right play to me too! The database definitely shows it as being the most popular. The more obvious-looking 5.dxe5?! runs into 5…Bc5!

  27. what about qe2 instead of d3 to defend e4 after nf6?

  28. (1/2) This is possible and occurs in some lines of the Ruy Lopez in particular! The downsides of this move are a bit tedious to explain, but in general White has found it better to place his rook on the e-file where it can strengthen the e4-pawn in economical fashion. In this way, if Black ever tries to take action in the center (for example, …d5) the rook's presence on e1 always serves as a potential plus in the complications that arise.

  29. (2/2) If White places the queen on e2, the queen may turn out to actually be vulnerable in the event of the center opening. Those are just some points to take into account.

  30. I think my Chess game just got a whole lot better by seeing your videos! Thanks!

  31. Your analysis is far superior to others as you delve deeply into strategies and tactics. Thank you

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