Chess openings – Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game

Chess openings – Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game
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  1. was my question too pedestrian to merit a response lol

  2. There is something magical about your videos. I would much rather watch your videos than most others' chess videos on YouTube. You are such a wonderful and enthusiastic instructor, and your enthusiasm is contagious. You make us want to learn more. And you explain things so thoroughly, and your videos look so professional and so well prepared. Thanks for helping improve my chess game, I've improved IMMENSELY because of your videos. Thanks Dereque!

  3. I love your videos! I'd love to play some casual chess with you and benefit from some awesome insight!

  4. Thank you for the teaching. I have been playing the Italian game against my 2700 Elo computerbot and am now ready to wade into the Spanish waters. Yes chess love

  5. At 6:00 , I thought the best move was D4 instead of D3 when black starts two knights?

  6. at the 10:15 time, did I hear you correctly to say "that White has a little be LESS of an advantage in the Ruy Lopez, than in the Italian Game"?? Did you really mean that?

  7. Great video… albeit at ca. 10:16 you meant to say "more of an advantage…" rather than "less" 🙂

  8. Why whites can't simply play 4.Nc3 ? It's a little bit defensive, but you control also d5.

  9. Awesome comparison, I was wondering why GM liked the Ruy Lopez more while I largely prefered the italian. Thank you !

  10. In the Ruy Lopez, does white tend to attack the king on the king side or the queen side?

  11. I lear a lot from your videos. Thank you for créate it!Cheers From Buenos Aires.Ps: (Sorry my poor english)

  12. Kelley ,ur amazingly awesome! I just love the way you explain with so much of ease n enthusiasm ….ur completely into the game, so am i…the vibration of my gratitude attracts more positive things into your life ! hats off ..

  13. i find the noa gambit hard to defend. so you have to play3. nc3 or Bb5 to avoid it?

  14. i love the way you approach and analyse every move! thank you so much!!

  15. C3 is not that bad of a move, if you know what you're doing the ponziani is a great opening

  16. In the Italian there is also the plan of delaying castling for white and play Nd2 Nf1 Ng3 or e3 and sometime start the attack with h3 g4 because white did not castle can you make a video on those plan.

  17. Also on the Italian version black as not the move a6 b5 in the have Nc6 instead but I think a6 b5 help black because it gain space and give the nice potential b7 square for the bishop in case the position open up.

  18. The Berlin also force white to play d3 Because the ending is drawish at grand-master Level. So I don't see any advantage of the decline Berlin Ending vs Italian Maybe you could do a video to compare the 2.

  19. You explained, why the Ruy is better at high levels and you are 100 % right. But at lower levels the Italian and 2 Knights are attractiv, becausethes are so closed and strategic like the Ruy but offer more open and tactical play. The Möller Variation and the 2 Knights with Ng5 are outdated at IM or GM level, but alive and well in club games. This are different worlds.

  20. so what i learnt is to never play the italian game 🙂

  21. in the ruy Lopez where white plays c3 to give the bishop a safe square, is it also viable to play a3 instead? meaning you continue to put some pressure on the f7 square?

  22. Dereque in 4:22 what about pawn d5 attacking black's knight? isn'it good for white?

  23. Good lessons and explanations. I'm going to start studying with these videos. Where are you shooting this, btw, Seattle? That looks like 9th. and Pine.

  24. Hey Dereque, why not 6..d6 7.c3 Bg4 in the Ruy?

  25. I've been playing chess for more than 20 years and no one ever has clearly explained the reasoning and thus differences between Italian and Spanish other than cosmetic.
    Thank you. please make more of these clarification videos.

  26. Nice video with deep ideas! It's very instructive that white loses a tempo in the Italian Game as you have shwon us with moving d pawn twice. I'm no expert in this type of position but I think I have found one interesting idea in Italian move order after 1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d3 Be7 5. 0-0 0-0 I would prefer move 6. a4 with the idea of taking some space on the queenside (b5 square) an even give the bishop a safe square on a2 after Na5. Later white may put his b1 Knight to nice c4 square, from which he attacks d6 square and have possibilty to go to e3 square.

  27. I hope that you make more videos. Keep up the good work. You really make a difference!!

  28. Brilliant. Theory about the Ruy Lopez I've seen before, but never seen an explanation for certain subtitles of the Ruy Lopez.

  29. Brilliant and clear as crystal explanation!

  30. Thanx dereque u must be a chess coach..
    from a long time I was looking for videos that could give me deeper insight into the openings ..
    and you nailed it. thanx again.

  31. this is by far the best chess instructional i've found bravo

  32. Whenever I thought you were going to glaze over a detail that my brain was wondering about, you switched right to it and covered it. Great videos, sir. Your explanations of opening theory are crystal clear, easy to understand and refreshing. Not to mention much-needed in the world of chess literature and media.

  33. 10/16 games played by Carlsen vs Karjakin = Ruy Lopez

  34. To be fair though, defending with two knights on Italian Game will invite Fried Liver attack, and this is extremely unpleasant for amateur level games, as the very sharp and not quite obvious defensive moves for Black would be hard to fight white attacks.

  35. Does white waste one more tempo with the bishop in Ruy Lopez?
    Ruy Lopez: Bb5-a4-b3-c2
    Italian Game: Bc4-b3-c2

  36. I like playing both systems as they both have subtle differences which lead to slightly different challenges to deal with. Good video by the way.

  37. Would playing the Evans gambit make a better play for white in the Italian game? Or is Spanish still better in some way?

  38. What do you prefer? Sicilian, French or Caro Kann?

  39. nice. I really enjoyed the narrative which is often missing in other lessons. Thanks!!!

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