Chess Openings: London System

The London System is a great opening for beginner chess players as it is an easy way to develop your pieces properly and doesn’t involve any crazy tactical lines early on.

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  1. Thanks for the video. I'm trying to learn the names of chess openings.

  2. No crazy Tactical lines? 😂Right.If you mean,; no crazy Tactical lines right away, then yes. But I assure you it can and does have crazy Tactical lines. All openings can be tactical or positional depending on how you use it.

  3. @12:22, why wouldn't the queen go from H5 to G6. Then H file rook goes to H8. GG

  4. do u not think he resigned too quick? i mean, he still had lots of options…and how can he not defend himself?

  5. well done, but what happens if black attacks the bishop on f4 with e.g Nh5?

  6. @DOCSOCKBFD777 1…Qe7 2. Bf6 Qxh7 3. Rxh7 Kc6 4. Bxg5 white looks to be really good in this position.

  7. @kettellive I do think he resigned too quickly but in this position I do think it will be very tough to defend himself.

  8. good video. I've been wondering what exactly the london system is ever since a friend of mine played it against me.
    also, that active-piece speech was a little long, haha. 1:20 XD

  9. @kettellive Well i thought so too till i realized the G pawn is a monster here. It will win black's queen or at least rook in many variations.

  10. This is good, I'm one of guys you mentioned who often don't get the dark squared bishop very active as white.

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