Chess Openings: London System

The London System is a great opening for beginner chess players as it is an easy way to develop your pieces properly and doesn’t involve any crazy tactical lines early on.

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  1. Light sq bishop usually comes out later, not earlier in the D4 systems.

  2. In the end, how come black doesn't move his queen to e7 to block the check? Black is still up a bishop. Am I missing something?

  3. I am not 100% sure if I give you the right move, but if
    …Qe7 then
    Bf6, Qxh7

    and then white will take the rook on g5. With this white has an advantage in pieces and a really good chance to promote the pawn currently on g6. Again, not sure if this is the best move.

  4. I think I remember you. Ddi you go to Cromwell High?

  5. I just used this system, sacrificed a knight to clear the h file, and won a game with Boden's mate with B on e5 and R on h8. This system is really fun, thanks!

  6. Ok actually I don't think that's Boden's mate, I forget if that has some kind of name.

  7. the position at 4:32 is invalid just kidding

  8. Hey Kevin what would you do if you stopped playing chess for 10 yrs and then started playing again? By the way I'm not that old.

  9. Can anyone tell me why black resigned? QD8 – E7 atacking the white Queen. The black bishop is save, the white queen got to run and the white bishop is going down.
    This game is far from over.

  10. I think Qe7 followed by white Bf6 loses black a rook. In that scenario black queen has to take the white queen, white rook re-takes with check, white bishop takes rook… Still, you're right, the fight should have continued…

  11. Kevin, I think you should reevaluate some about the f7 square… it's only a weakness before castling.

  12. strong but actually dangerous move.only for experienced player

  13. too many optional move for black.far from over

  14. Hey Kevin, I have been watching many of your video's lately and I just wanted to say you are doing a great job!

  15. I played this opening and won because the guy timed out; I think he was trying to figure out what to do

  16. I've never tried this opening but it looks good. I usually play either sicilian dragon or fried liver attack. It would have been nice though if you could have completed your game with a checkmate, though.

  17. Amazing, I'm sitting here wondering why he resigned, I can't seem to see the obvious finish.

    Does the White get another Queen,
    Does White take the Black Queen,
    Does White mate him is less then 3 moves

    What's the logical progression???
    Di …

  18. How do you keep black's knight out of h5?
    I'm always forced to trade my bishop when I move it to f4.

  19. I agree this new layout does suck balls 🙁

  20. @Kevin, could you explain why black doesnt capture white's dark square bishop at e5 with his rook at g5 after white moves Rh8… My question is why not this moves: Rh8, Rxe5

  21. It's great that you have so many good chess videos out. It'd be awesome to hear you mix up the lingo with some fresh lines, though (if you haven't already by the time I write this). "Again", "and at the same time" and "Black's gonna bring his __ to __" is making me a little bit crazy over the course of the last 10ish videos I watched. You could just say "Bishop f4" without the "gonna bring his".

  22. 22. Rh8 Rxe5 23. g7 (White successfully promotes a pawn, forcing black to give up a piece for the pawn in addition to the bishop that's captured by the pawn itself.) The reason for 22. ..Bb7 is to add the a8 rook to the defense of the potential queening square for the pawn. The dark square bishop is largely inconsequential at this point.

  23. White can force black to give up the queen and a minor piece for a pawn and a rook with g7, and the black king as well as the b7 bishop remain unsafe and cramped.

  24. That's offensive to 500 players. Unless you are Mikhail Tal though, he is the god of battle king.

  25. On the 7th turn? You're not even talking about the Bongcloud! Go read up on some opening theory!

  26. "…we are just building a solid sinner control with our pawns…"

  27. 1. ilia200114The white knight is holding that square.
    2. Vipers6, if it had been whites turn to move, then yes, Qh7 would be checkmate.

  28. As a full time professional chess teacher ( and comsequently a very tough critic of the instruction of others ) this guy does do a good job.
    1) He speaks clearly.
    2) He covers basic ideas without insulting the intelligence or knowledge of listener.
    3) He does not cover too many variations ( confusing to beginners of a new opening )
    4) He stresses general ideas
    Kudos well done – superior to a lot of GM instruction!

  29. I've played plenty of 500s who know to decentralize the king as soon as possible.

  30. Hello thechesswebsite, for the match by Vlatko Kovačević(1980) at 11:05, could this plan of bishop BF4 to BG5 pinning the black side's bishop work? if black captures ,white could capture back with a checkmate in the next move and if black doesn't capture white could capture the bishop and bring the knight from ND3-NF3 followed by NF3-NG5 black then has no way to stop white's attacks and white could continue with mate QH5-QH7

  31. you can squeeze in h3 making a hole so if you like to move the bishop to later. Otherwise you can often play Bg5 if they attack like that, if your light sqaure bishop is sat on e2 (it sometimes is e.g. against the kings indian defence).

  32. this comment has been marked as spam. It's not spam just because it's uninformed or unpopular. vote it down if you don't like it don't mark it as spam when it's not.

  33. Not to be weird but I love the way you put things simply, and matter of fact, as well as your smooth tone in your lessons. Not to be odd but I was just saying that your lessons are easy to listen to bc of this. As far as this opening "system" is concerned it feels so natural for beginners who only understand basics of opening theory. Eveythin is easy and basically you just try to ultimately get to a square in blacks back field as the game changer. Only small unnatural thing is moving Queen pawn.

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