Chess Openings: London System

The London System is a great opening for beginner chess players as it is an easy way to develop your pieces properly and doesn’t involve any crazy tactical lines early on.

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  1. A question here. I have watched/seen players use pawn h3 as an "escape" for the dark square bishop to counter blacks, potential, knight H5. is this not advised? is it a wasted move/time? Just to say it, the dark square bishop then has the chance to retreat to H2 and be safe while maintaining the long diagonal. This is a move i use when black uses knight F6. Am I screwing myself up with time/tempo? (i really hope i got all the squares right)

  2. Can some one help me ?
    What if Black decided to play Knight to h5 and hit the Bishop what shoud be my response ?
    Thanks for the video ,ty

  3. What happens if black pushes C pawn and attacks your bishop???

  4. I usually use a Kings pawn or Evans Gambit, and Sicilian defense, this is definitely a great opening for me to incorporate

  5. So much Thank you Sir Thanks to you i won lots of games with London System

  6. man, this is not the end of the London system, only showing one variation doesn't help you didn't even touch g6 from black for which this Bd3 setup does not work, you have to play c4 in that andBishop should be placed on e2 expanding on to the queenside. Really a waste of time and also you speak so slow, I was watching the video in 2x speed and still found it slow. Don't make slow videos just to make videos long and increase the watch time rather make the informative. Don't be a moron who covered only one game of the London system in 15 fucking minutes. Hated the video, do consider my suggestion.

  7. I am a fucking destroyer on the chess board. No fancy openings needed. Never lost. Never will.

  8. Hey, Kevin. I'm new to chess. What is a great opening that I should start playing with right away?

  9. What if, instead of resigning, he played Qe7?

  10. The London system is an awesome opening. this video helped me win a bunch of games!!

  11. Should have showed us some lines/outcomes after the resignation

  12. Terrible video. Stop blathering and show us the line

  13. I wish youd have played the scenario further I dont understand how white finishes out? The king can move to c6 and be fine

  14. Great match review. Sound is bad, a lot of white noise.

  15. 1:12 Why not 2nd move? In a book it says that this is now considered best

  16. Hi Kevin
    A great video, thanks!
    What defense for black do you recommend?
    Kind of this opening, something you can develop your game from?

  17. If there aggressive and just ego challenge off the gates does it fuck the whole london system?

  18. Thank you! Not only do I now know how to actually use this system right I also managed to win the first game I tried with this system with the idea of pushing the kingside attack you showed. I`m flabbergasted how I could simply destroy the enemy's kingside whilst sacrificing pieces. This is fascinating.

  19. This was good until Anirban came with a novelty . Anirban op Erin op sethia op

  20. my ears are going to be ringing for hours after watching this

  21. What if the go e5? Seems you'd be screwed then

  22. This was a hard video to watch. I recommend you practice what you are going to talk about a few times

  23. Hay YA Kevin, Thanks so much, outstanding line up of content you have on this Ch, so very well organized! Please, could you point me to the best link for ether Yours or another link to the best Defense against the London System. This would be so greatly appreciated by myself, family and some beloved Opponents. Such Major Thanks to You on this important follow up! It's personally very important to us and it's your personal style that's most favored for Friends & Family I've shared Your Ch, with. Blessings from Oregon from this regular and major Fan, … Mike.

  24. i will be uploading how to defeat london opening on my channel very soon.Pls subscribe.

  25. You're the only person that has explained this clearly for a beginner like me so far. Most over-complicate it and show too many variations. Thanks!

  26. So basically am watching this 10 years later , and let's play it 😀

  27. If they play bd6 is it wise to trade bishops ?

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  30. POV: You are here from the Hikaru teaching Fuslie vid and want to learn further

  31. Seeing this ten years later but, I'd attack the light squared bishop.
    System is flawed.

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