Chess Openings: London System

The London System is a great opening for beginner chess players as it is an easy way to develop your pieces properly and doesn’t involve any crazy tactical lines early on.

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  1. Seeing this ten years later but, I'd attack the light squared bishop.
    System is flawed.

  2. I'm relatively new to the game but would it be better at 9:36 instead of moving the Bishop to move the Queen to h5 so you can take the Pawn on h7 and you have checkmate?

  3. 7:03 good video but in here i dont think that white's bishop to d3 was a smart move because then black can move his pawn to c4 and gain a lot of material.

  4. I m on my way to be a GM I just want to figure out how the horsey moves😀

  5. I wouldn’t resign as black in that game.

  6. Crazy to think that a video released 10 years ago just helped me run through my dad can't thank you enough. Might binge your openings playlist tonight

  7. Noob question but, what if black attacks my dark square bishop moving his night to somewhere like h5? do i just let the trade happen or what am i supposed to do

  8. 7:30 what do I have to do if he does pawn c4. please someone tell me

  9. I'm really new to tactics and stuff basically all I use to do is protect the king and that’s it 😂.but at almost minute 10 when you moved the Bishop, why didn't you move the queen to h5 then to h7 without even moving the Bishop if this some how works that’s mate I guess idk. If anyone knows

  10. this guy actually reacts to comments on a video 10 years old

  11. Can't do it if I don't see how he got mated. 🙁

  12. Hmm At 3:14, the reason for the black bishop to b7 was to mainly allow extra defence for the other bishop by opening the rook and not “to get involved in the game”

  13. i am a classic E4 player but this sounds very funny. But you can only play the London as far as you have your queen on the board or not ? if u trade your queen you might loose the mid game/end game

  14. Few players have played the London system against me, an opening I'm not familiar with and not to fall into traps I tend to play something out of the ordinary hoping to confuse my opponent. After d4 d5 Bf4, I play e5 to attack the center. Just found out, this is the Mason variation and only found one game where this was ever played. Falke, Johannes vs Limberg, Philipp

    Any advice on this defense?

  15. I'm watching this 10 years later!!!!!! 2021!!!😅😂😂

  16. Hi I know this question may be stupid but why black have to resign? Black won’t be checkmate I think… I am a noob chess player so please tell me if you know, thanks! 🙂

  17. Your mic in this video was so atrocious, that I had to stop the video after a minute. Hope this has improved in recent videos, for your audiences sake xD

  18. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    The London (feat. J. Cole & Travis Scott)

  19. Im not an expert but I am a grand master and I don't recommend that you do not watch this video. Because it's good and you won't not learn something useful.

  20. Was going to like subscribe and comment but YouTube deletes all of my messages and …. ugh… drives me nuts

  21. the problem with the early bishop development to f4 is that the king knight can swing to h5 and pluck the bishop or force him back

  22. I know not all games need perfect analysis, but this game could have still been won by black. I wanted to see the potential end game, so i put it through stockfish. If black king moves to c6 on the next move, black actually ends up winning. In after math black ends up with a rook and a bishop against whites 2 rooks and of course a surplus of pawns. At that point i let it run itself through to the end and (cpu vs cpu) black is victorious, pretty close but black wins!……….my point is this game wasn’t at all yet decided. White or black could have still won

  23. In my opinion, as you've perfectly taught, London system is the best opening.

  24. Yes Kevin is the easiest to follow, a good man.

  25. As a beginner, I have actually always played the London system, I just never knew what it was called, lol.

  26. just let us see how to play the game to finish. winning is the name of game no matter how/just let play so we see how is play

  27. I always have trouble with my dark square bishop being attacked by pawns, what do I do against this

  28. What if black doesn't play f6 and move his bishop to a6 instead ?

  29. i dont know why black resigned i cant find the mate of black on this game. Pls. can u solve for me?

  30. Thanks for all the great information you are providing. I am a beginner when it comes to learning openings and you are really a great teacher. You dont joke around and just give us the clear information. I watched your queens gambit video and it was great. When i listenened to other teachers i had problems following them properly

  31. Great video. Very interestng as lots of people recommend the London as an opening to teach you to develop your pieces without too much theory.

    I'm really glad you discussed castling at 12.00 because I was thinking that your king would still be quite central if you castled queenside to quickly connect your rooks

  32. The ending is confusing for me. Black can still save his king. Why the guy resigned? Guy can u end the game for white? Teach me

  33. Nice example of Greek gift sacrifice and kingside battery. As Kasparov says, king safety is no 1 priority!

  34. What would be the best move if black moves to h5 to try to capture White's Bishop?

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