Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Old Benoni Defense

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Old Benoni Defense!

In today’s video we go over a dangerously rare and strong response to 1. d4! The Old Benoni Defense is one of the best responses to d4 and in this video we cover the chess strategy, chess moves, chess ideas, chess principles, chess theory, chess traps, chess tricks, and a chess lesson. I only recommend playing this if you are an attacking chess player like Mikhail Tal or Garry Kasparov! This chess opening is also good because usually white is not prepared for it. Black is going to look to take immediate control of the center, quickly develop the pieces, and look to attack the opponent’s king. Whether you are a chess beginner or a chess grandmaster, we hope you enjoy learning how to play the Old Benoni! The Old Benoni Defense is strong for it’s chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, chess opening principles, chess opening moves, and chess opening ideas. We will look to show you secret chess strategy which will help you win the game fast. Keep playing good chess!


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  1. is transposing from the old benoni to the modern by playing d6 on move 2 a good option?

  2. Why do you sound so hard like Technoblade bro

  3. Réellement : Excellent !!!J'apprends beaucoup de vos vidéos, merci Solomon.

  4. Hey Solomon, thanks for the video! In the Czech Benoni (1. d4 c5 2. d5 e5) I’m having some trouble with opponents taking the weak e6 pawn later on, destroying the pawn chain and winning the endgame. What are some ways I can deal with that?

  5. What if on move 2 , white just defends or ignores the pawn on d4? What if they play something like e3 or c3?

  6. Very good video! This defense is all what I needed vs d4

  7. Hey man can you make a video about the chess simul. You can play chess simul on lichess and make a stream or video on it. And plz tell me when did you make my requested video.

  8. Ok, so I'm starting to warm up to you. I wasn't liking this "new guy" beating my fav, Boston Mike. 🙏❤️
    I'll have to give this defense a go. Thanks for the video.

  9. Yeah, I am looking for a better answer to whites queen pawn opening as I tire of seeing the queen Gambit that follows.

  10. This is definitely an exciting way to play against 1.d4. Black does need to be ready for 2.e4 when it becomes a Smith-Morra gambit. I used to feel uncomfortable facing 1.d4, but now I hope my opponents play it so I can use the Old Benoni against them.

  11. Hey man I just found this channel and I love it! I recently started my own channel and would love to learn how you grew your! Plus this video is what i needed vs D4. I just subbed! Would love to see you around my channel as well let me know what you think! Keep up the good work!

  12. haha I just saw your video, went to Lichess and snatched my first rook xD

  13. Hi, are you able to make a video on the english opening?

  14. Great video, learnd the important things in just 10 mins. What do you do against 2.c3 ? I couldnt find anything better than cxd4 and enter into the boring exchange slav.

  15. What about 2. C3? In the 900-1000 this move is the most common and I don't know what the best move is.

  16. Someone just used this against me. I’ve never seen it until 20 minutes ago… which is why I’m here.

  17. when you play d4 as white, and black responds with c5 Old Benoni, what is your preferred response? 2. d5 (advance) ?
    2. c3 (decline) ?

    or other ?
    thank you!

  18. The benoni defence can transpose into smith morra gambit anytime. Can you make a video on the siberian trap. Actually I know what the trap is but I am suggesting so that others can play it against the smithmorra gambit

  19. Want to see a kings indian defence video from black's perspective .

  20. Do you prefer the old Benoni, or the modern Benoni ? Thank you 🙏 !

  21. Great video. Personally I find when I have my rook stuck on f8 (e.g. with knight on e8), white's bishop will swoop in to h6, forcing a trade of my fiancettoed bishop. "The Engine" tends to say this is good for black… still really annoying.

  22. Great video Solomon! Are you considering making a Catalan one?

  23. Interesting approach to the Old Benoni. Do you have a Pirc guide versus 1.e4?

  24. I just played that trap 😁😁

  25. Hi
    Thanks for the vid! its an interesting version.
    Could you please let me know of a player/players that play this version of the benoni with the fianchetto bishop and knight on e8? Would like to see some more professional games in it

  26. at 10:00 all the pawns, as we can see, are on the dark squares and our bishop is also dark squared , ,thus it has been kind of Blocked from attacking the king side, do you have any solution to this, however the position is better for black😄

  27. Solomon, do you think this would be good as an anti London weapon?

  28. This isn't even the old benoni. It's the Czech benoni

  29. Structurally Benoni appears weak, but psychologically I think it really gives the advantage as it forces white to play predictable attacks that the Benoni was cultivated to defend and even counter — the pawns are the strongest pieces in the Benoni 🤫

  30. I've been a Sicilian dragon player for quite some time now but whenever white goes for d4, I opt for old Benoni. It takes several newbies and intermediate guys off guard. Several traps were listed by Igor Smirnov in his videos though I'm not promoting him in here(first learnt it over there). Won many games against intermediate players with this. This video is very well made too and the explanation is great.

  31. Who doesn’t love a little
    f u n k y n e s s

  32. I like this opening but I can't find good resources to learn it and play it

  33. Very educative tutorial indeed … However, am interested to know whether the old Benoni is playable against the London and if so kindly cover for us an instructive tutorial about it .Thank you

  34. When I do 1. d4 c5, I seem to get 2. c3 or 2. Nf6 and it confuses me. What are you supposed to do if they DON'T take?

  35. Hey Solomon, Thanks for the great tutorials. Very thorough and helpful. I wanted to ask what your thoughts are on the Englund Gambit for d4?

  36. That last variation is dead lost by the way. Even if white plays the moves you suggested which are slow. You have no attack. White is just gonna play c4 b4 and dominate on the queenside. Meanwhile your knight is blocking your queen and you can't get a rook behind the queen to help the attack its just bad. A worse version of a king's indian.

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