Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Nimzowitsch Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Nimzowitsch Defense!

The Nimzowitsch Defense is one of the most underrated chess openings for black against e4. In this video we look to share the chess opening theory, strategy, moves, and ideas behind the Nimzowitsch. This includes the Scandinavian Variation, Kennedy Variation, and Kennedy Linksspringer Variation. We will cover the Nimzowitsch Defense accepted and the Nimzowitsch Defense declined. We hope you enjoy this surprise weapon for black against e4! The Nimzowitsch Defense is good!

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  1. Back in the day, the Nimzowitch was my main (or secondary) weapon as Black. Then everyone started playing 2. Nf3 or 3. Nf3 if I used the 2. e5 line. I didn't feel like learning the Black side of the Scotch/Giucco Pianos etc so I moved on. Thanks for this highly anticipated video Solomon! I think I'll give it another try

  2. I really like unorthodox play styles in this game. Since I've been getting back into chess recently I really enjoy getting the drop on players with Wayward Queen attacks in the 300-500 range, it's always fun to take unexpecting noobs like myself by surprise with such an aggressive opening. But as black I enjoy the Nimzowitch response. Thanks for the explanation video. I hope to get my chess game right and reach 1200 elo sometime by the Fall. Here's hoping!

  3. Im a beginner and i had a hard time finding theory for this defence. Its my prefered move im surely gonna watch this a couple of Times thanks a lot

  4. Scandinavian and Nimzowitsch are my 2 fav openings as a noob. Aggressive early queen action!

  5. Nice video, went through almost every variation explaining them thoroughly. Keep up the good work 😄

  6. Great video. I play some of these lines and have pretty good success but i still learned a lot.

  7. Thank you Solomon for making this. On another note I’ll give you another suggestion or two. The Kveinis and Godiva Sicilians are very interesting sidelines and it made me laugh that you remembered my comment thank you again

  8. Currently my opening for black. Very good and underrated opening. You also have 2 choices in the main line with 2…d5 or 2…e5

  9. Thank you ! Can you please also touch on the Nimzo-Scand ?
    1. e4 Nc6
    2. Nf3 (or d4) d5
    Very much appreciated !!!

  10. Thanks Solomon for accepting my request, I was so excited for this! I still think that the Classical Variation (2. Nf3) was missing, the Williams Variation (2. … d6 ) is almost a key move for the Nimzowitsch Defense player, trying to avoid transpositions to KP's games! I'm hoping to see the "Modern Nimzowitsch" it in the future!

    Btw i love this type of 30 minute videos, i like really long and instructive opening theory videos. My recommendation is that you should do more ( just an suggestion haha)! Loves from Brazil! Have a nice weekend, Solomon!

    Edit: Also i still have these requests hahaha

    -Mikenas Defense ( 1. d4 Nc6 or 1. c4 Nc6 (anglo Lithuanian variation )
    -Williams Variation of the Classical Nimzowitsch Defense( 1. e4 Nc6 2. Nf3 d6 )

  11. I have played the Nimzowitsch and have struggled to keep up with all the theory against the Scotch. I would love to see a video on how to play against the Scotch for Black!

  12. I love to play the Nimzovitch!

  13. I love the Nimzowitsch Defense, quick and easy developement!

    — 2. Nf3 you can play f5 the colorado gambit (if you don't want to play e4 e5)
    — And if white advances to e5, there's a common mistake Bd3 which gives you d4 for free:
    1. e4 Nc6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Bf5 4. Bd3 Nxd4 5. Bxf5 Nxf5
    — I like to respond Bb5 with Qd6, but regardless, it's not end of the world if white takes Knight on c6
    — 2. Bc4 engine recommends playing e6, then you could go d5 later
    — Keep an eye out for c6, if white won't play it you could go for Kc2 forks

    It's also good warmup for (accelerated) dragon sicilian.

  14. 18:05 Of course, I watched your Scotch game video and Now I would like to see how to go against it.

  15. This is an underrated defense. Lots of ways for white to go wrong against this!

  16. Wooow! This seems like a really interesting opening! Will definitely try it out! 🙂

  17. Thank you for this video, Solomon. The Scandinavian variation has strong similarities to Chigorins Defense, a very tactical opening, which may explain why this variation is favored by Grandmasters.

  18. At first sight, this is
    "Man I wanna play the indian game but everyone plays e4"

  19. I’ve played this opening thousands of times on the internet. IMHO In response to e5 3… f6 is much sharper & tricker for white to play against than 3…f5.

  20. Kingcrusher did a video on the Colorado Gambit a couple of years ago (1. e4 Nc6 2. Nf3 f5). It's crazy Latvian Gambit type stuff. I've only dared use it in Blitz. 😂

  21. This is a very good video! Against 2.Nf3.. I’ve dabbled with e6 (inviting a rare line of the French def) with d5, and if white plays e5, hit back with f6 to liquidate white’s center. Some Bd3 by white require Black to sac the exchange, but Stockfish then gives black a big edge as Black is up in development, controls the center, & white’s Queen is uncomfortably stuck on a8.

  22. The Williams line (d6 in reply to 2Nf3) is also playable if Black is ok playing into a pirc or modern set up, if need be.

  23. In the Nc3 lines, after Qd4, white should play Nxe4 instead of Qxe4. Then all of white’s moves are natural; I prefer to avoid 3…dxe & instead play 3…Nf6! If 4.e5, then Nd7, & if white replies Nxd5 then Nd-g8! Whereby Black wins white’s pawn on d4 by force, evening things up nicely. If White does not play Nxd5, then Nd7-Ng6 holds d5 and frees up black’s QB to jump to f5. Black pawn structure is like a French but his white squared Bishop has freedom. True, Black will need to move his Nc6 if he wants to get c5 in, but the center is locked up and the slight loss of time is a trade off for Black not having any bad bishop. Black can also skip c5 ideas altogether and attack white’s pawn chain at the tip with f6. In short, black has options and white players are usually winging it as Black’s set up with pawn c7 and Nc6 is rare. Anyway, love this video; great stuff!

  24. I always spend too much time when black plays Nc6.

  25. Thanks for the video! I love the Nimzowitsch Defence. Even in correspondence play, White often has no idea how to best proceed.

  26. this one is deep… gonna have to right click the tab and add to reading list for another watch

  27. What do you have on English Game counter play

  28. Can we have a Blackburne-Kloosterboer Gambit Video from you? Please 🥺

  29. Hello Samuel I am a nimzowitch defence player, thanks you for the video. I wonder if you could make a new video for the kings gambit thank you

  30. I like this better than Owens- faster development.

  31. I have been playing the nimzowitsch defense for a long time and have learned a lot in the opening I think you give a good introduction to the opening, it truly is an underrated opening and actually has a lot of untapped theory that gives both sides a fighting game. I have been wanting to create a course on this for chess able button sure how much interest there would b, thanks for the awesome video!

  32. Watching this video again and the reason I never play the Kennedy is because of the transposition to the Scotch. If one plays the Nimzo to get out of mainline openings, then why play the Kennedy and simply invite white to get back into his type of game? I think Nimzo's idea of playing a French without the bad bishop is a more solid approach. Which is perhaps why at the higher levels, d5 is preferred. And by the way, I love how you analyze the themes and don't have Stockfish sitting on the side. Thanks for these videos — they are very much appreciated. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  33. Been playing the nimzo for a few years. I love the games that come out of the nimzo Scandinavian advanced variation.

  34. The engine has always told me to play Bf4 after Nc3….ima start playing e6

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