Chess Openings: Learn to Play the King’s Indian Attack!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the King’s Indian Attack!

The King’s Indian Attack is one of the strongest chess openings for white, and there is nothing black can do to stop it! By playing the King’s Indian Attack, we avoid a ton of the chess opening theory of both e4 and d4. Black may have prepared chess openings such as the Sicilian Defense, Queen’s Indian Defense, French Defense, Benoni Defense, or Pirc Defense. However, with the King’s Indian Attack, we don’t need to deal with any of these dangerous chess openings for black. Instead, we simply develop our pieces while looking to fianchetto our bishop on g2. We look to castle kingside, and then launch an attack in either the center of the board or against the opponents king. The King’s Indian Attack is just like the King’s Indian Defense against d4 except for the fact that we get an extra tempo. The King’s Indian is a great chess opening option for the beginner chess player who wants to learn a good chess opening system to bring them to the next level. The King’s Indian Attack shows how to play good chess as it is a top tier chess opening for white. The King’s Indian is so strong because of the chess moves, chess ideas, chess principles, chess theory, chess tricks, chess traps, and chess strategy that it utilizes. If you are looking to improve at chess fast, the King’s Indian Attack might just be for you. We hope that this video serves as a chess opening guide for the King’s Indian Attack and all of it’s theory, strategy, and ideas. Similarly to the London System or Hippopotamus Defense, there’s nothing the opponent can do to stop us from achieving our setup. The King’s Indian has been played at all levels with great success, and still stands as a nightmare for the black side to deal with. Nobody gets excited playing against the King’s Indian, as it so strong and holds against the toughest of preparation. If you want to learn how to play chess, win games fast, and improve at chess quickly, the King’s Indian is a top tier choice. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the King’s Indian Attack!

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  1. I've figured out KIA does not work when the opponent plays 1.d4 after 1.nf3.

  2. Why does this guy look like a high T Tim Pool

  3. Hey Ruddell would you mind covering the Danish Gambit? I think Its very strong for Beginner and Intermediate, but the problem is Idk what to do after they decline it? That's why I'm unable to use the Gambit even tho It being so broken and Thanks for the KIA opening Its one of my Fav, still trying to learn on how to use the Formation to Its fullest

  4. I like it. It’s a lot like your variation of the Vienna Game.

  5. I would like it more if you show your video too at the side while explaining if youre comfortable with it🙂

  6. Again a cristal clear video and very entainternning opeing, thx a lot Solomon i'll give another try ( tried last yaer but not very seriously cause Zukertort virus lol), perfect explanations really ^^ Greeting from France

  7. Very instructive video, one of the best regarding KIA, tnx.

  8. I have just implemented this opening and here you are with a video about it, amazing!

  9. Great channel and very good content, thanx! Glad I found it!

  10. great video by the way… the guy I play the most plays this against me a lot

  11. Please make a video on Catalan Opening for white side

  12. Dayum! I always thought KID was more of a solid structure with hopes of making the enemy over extend and capitalize that but man have you changed my mind. I just have one question. Is the playing system same when I have the black piece or are they different?

  13. Hey can you teach us how to do the “Grow past 5’7 opening”?

  14. Hello everyone! I have some attitude about this. Please, correct me if I am wrong. My opinion is that the Kings Indian Attack is NOT an effective "catch all" system.  It is bad against 1…e5, it is barely effective against the Caro-Kann because of 1.e4 c6 2.d3 d5 3.Nd2 e5, though the fact that White can play an eventual exd5 makes it less bad than against 1…e5.  It also does not work well against the …d6 or …Nc6 Sicilians partially due to the same theme.

    Look at the light-squared Bishop for both players.  With a Black pawn on e5, Black's LSB is free to roam and even arrive on White's Kingside to trade itself off for a Knight, and if Black can get this down to an endgame, you could be looking at a horrible case of good Knight for Black vs Bad Bishop for White.  Black also maintains a space advantage if he can maintain control of e5, especially if he can control it with pieces, like if White tries to open up with f4 and dxe5, if Black can safely capture back with say, a knight, he has a firm blockade on White.


    In the case of the e6-Sicilian and the French, Black's Bishop is behind the pawn chain.  If Black plays …d5 (KIA vs French), White will later (usually move 9) play e5, creating a wedge and having a Kingside Attack with Black's pieces unable to help and so Black must storm the Queenside to distract White and this often leads to a bloodbath type of battle.

    In the e6-Sicilian, if Black goes for a later …d6, holding back and trying to contain White and not allow e5, then you have a slower, more positional build up.  Typically Black's DSB will be fianchettoed here, and with the small center for Black, d6 and e6, White should be playing for d4.  The Knight should stay home at b1 and not go to d2 (Knight should only go to d2 when …d5 is played to avoid the Queen trade after a swap on e4 or later on when the battle for d4 is done with).  White should play c3 in this line, and now Black has a dilemma.


    Does he allow d4 by White?  Or does he stop it with …e5?  Now you might be saying "that's the e5 problem you mentioned".  Difference here is that it took Black 2 moves instead of 1 to do it, giving white a free move comparatively speaking, and with Black now committed to a fianchetto with the diagonal blocked by e5, and White having already played c4, White can now shift gears and play for b4 without having to worry about a weakened diagonal against his a1-rook because the Black e5-Pawn blocks the diagonal.


    Hope this explains clearly why the KIA are best used against the e6-Sicilian and the French, far less effective against the Caro, Nc6 Sicilian, and d6 Sicilian, and outright ineffective against 1…e5.

  15. Very clear and well done intro to this opening! Definitely kept it going and made it easy to follow along – thanks, im subscribed

  16. I need to understand this enough to not get my butt kicked anymore when I play it. There needs to be more "what to play, when" type videos.

  17. I like it because mikhael tal played this kia opening

  18. This opening scores really well at the intermediate level

  19. Very straight forward and good explanation on KIA, lots of input. Many thanks. I am an E4 player (rating 1980 to 2080), in the middle of adding KIA as my additional weapon against French and maybe petroff or carokann. Look forward to seeing your continuation discussion on KIA mabe against carokann or petroff.

  20. This was the opening that kept me from being slaughtered in the first half dozen moves. It was Build Your Castle, then Survey The Land. A very feudal mise en place.

  21. Glad i found this channel. Very nice explanation on ideas and variations, makes me wanna play chess!

  22. Super nice video ! I'm trying to learn this one as well ! thanks a lot 🙂

  23. Thanks for sharing king's indian attack .Keep up the great work.I will try it out.

  24. thanks im ready for our inter agency chess tournament

  25. Can we have a speed run for both KIA and KID ??

  26. The idea expressed at 6:00 just made my chess life so much easier. Just music to my ears. Thanks heaps Solomon.

  27. You are missing an explanation for the line with locked advanced pawns in the center

  28. Very clear and concise! There’s a ton to study in this video alone. Thank you very much.

  29. The Amazing Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobian Cancer Infected Fig Man of the Nederlands says:

    My favorite opening for white

  30. More good stuff. Wouldja believe I've been playing KIA for decades but never considered moving the Queen to e1 to avoid that blasted Bishop pin from g4? Instead I'd play c3 then move Her Majesty Q-side and often as not out of play. Qe1 also makes sense 'cuz it allows a faster f4 with the Rook behind it instead of on e1. Wish I'd been a more attentive student of this game but of course it takes lotsa time and real-life issues interfere. Anyway thanks for another great viddy. Cheers and good luck!

  31. Nice video! KIA and KID vs Hippo for a universal opening? Which do you think would be better to focus on?

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