Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Fantasy Variation!

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  1. Did you ever make a video on that a3 move?

  2. Thank you for this! I've been playing the two knights with good success EXCEPT for when they play the mindeno variation. This will hopefully help me.

  3. This opening is just what I was looking for

  4. 1800 and this has been my favorite weapon against the CK for almost 2 years

  5. The Fantasy variation is occasionally met in tournaments and if white knows the the theory well, black can have a hard time!

  6. I really needed a weapon against the Caro Kann because i dont really like the advance Caro Kann

  7. Exciting to hear you'll be getting back into tournament play.

  8. Levy recommends the Fantasy as well. I gave up on it a while back because I didn't like the lines where black doesn't take in the center.

  9. This is an interesting line…

    1.e4 c6
    2.d4 d5
    3.f3 dxe4
    4.fxe4 e5
    5.Nf3 exd4
    6.Bc4 Nf6
    7.O-O Bc5
    8.Ng5 O-O
    9.Bxf7+ Kh8
    10.e5 Ng4
    11.Qd3 g6

    It's that type of line to hit the f7 square with the bishop & knight fried liver style…(If rxf7 then Nxf7,Kxf7),and play e5….Pin to win type of tactic.

  10. Thanks Solomon, this really helps. Lot of my friends play caro cann here. Will try this opening out against them.

  11. Me when found this video: Yes! This is the video I want!

  12. Damn. I was going to make the Caro my go-to. Back to the Scandi gambits, I guess. Thanks, Solomon…. (sigh).

  13. Hey chess giant, could you please make a video tutorial on playing against the delayed alapin sicilian. As there are almost no videos to play against this variation of the sicilian. Any help would be apprecieted

  14. Maróczy Gambit can lead to a pretty nice attack against an unprepared opponent.

  15. Thank you for this brilliant idea, in chess opening.

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