Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Czech Pirc Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Czech Pirc Defense!

There are many good chess openings for white, but the Czech Pirc Defense of the Pirc Variation combines ideas from the Philidor Defense, Pirc Defense, and Black Lion Defense. All three of these are top tier chess openings for black and the Czech Pirc Defense borrows ideas from all three of them. In this video, we look to cover the chess opening lines, chess opening variations, chess opening theory, chess opening moves, chess opening ideas, chess opening tricks, and chess opening traps so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way. The Czech Pirc Defense is a good chess opening for beginners, and a good chess opening for intermediate and advanced players as well. Below are my top 5 reasons why someone should play the Czech Pirc Defense.


1. The Czech Pirc Defense gives you great winning chances – This chess opening for black creates inequalities right at move 3, and will give you unique lines and variations to fight for winning chances. Playing against the Czech Pirc Defense is highly unpredictable as it has so much flexibility and different types of chess moves and chess ideas that black can employ. It combines chess opening strategy from the Pirc Defense, Black Lion Defense, and Philidor Defense – making this one of the most dangerous chess openings out there.

2. The Czech Pirc Defense is easy to learn – On top of this being a top tier chess opening for black, the Czech Pirc Defense doesn’t require tons of memorizing. Now, if you want to watch this video through a couple times to memorize some of the lines and variations, that is great! However, the objective of this opening is fairly simple, and there’s not much white can do to stop it!

3. The Czech Pirc Defense is rare – This is not a chess opening that most e4 players are used to! If they’ve even heard of it, chances are the e4 player has only memorized a couple moves against this – which will give you the upper hand especially in speed chess. So much of chess is about being comfortable and reaching middlegame positions that you like to work with. By using unique ideas and forcing your opponent to look at lines and variations they haven’t seen before, you could find yourself making ground on both the clock and chess board.

4. The Czech Pirc Defense has dangerous chess opening traps/tactics – Due to most e4 players not being well prepared for the Czech Pirc Defense, and the opening having unique moves and ideas, there are many traps white could fall for if not careful. One of them which we cover in this video can help you beat higher rated players and win games fast, all from simple preparation!

5. The Czech Pirc Defense can easily transpose into a Philidor Defense/Black Lion Defense – As mentioned, this top tier chess opening for black borrows a ton of ideas from other openings. In fact, as a Czech Pirc Defense player, you have the flexibility to even transpose into a Philidor Defense or Black Lion Defense at times! This is not one of those openings where you need to commit to entire variations simply by playing a single move. The Czech Pirc Defense gives you some options on how you want to approach the game based on your style of play!

The Czech Pirc Defense has been a great chess opening option for black against e4 at all levels of play. Our goal is that by watching this video you feel better prepared for the lines, theory, moves, traps, tricks, principles, ideas, and strategy that the Czech Pirc Defense brings along with it. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Czech Pirc Defense!

0:00 Introduction
1:27 Czech Pirc Theory vs 4. Nf3! (Black Lion Defense Included!)
10:05 Czech Pirc Theory vs 4. f4! (Chess Opening Trap Included!)

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Pirc Defense!
Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Black Lion Defense!
Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Philidor Defense!

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to check back in and say that this opening rocks. I'm playing at the 700 level (for now) but I've been using nothing but the Czech Pirc for the last couple of weeks and my win rate is at 65% with it. Having the one opening for everything really helps with concentrating on TACTICS, which is where the game is won for us scrubs. I'm tempted to try it with white, haha.

  2. This was the first opening I ever liked for black. It's tough to pull off for low-ranked players but its a solid system.

  3. What happens if the e5 pawn pushes up to try lock up the center what can i do?

  4. 1:41 – I am 1050 right now and when I got Bishop to g4, I always see h3, not the light squared bishop to f2. This, instead, leads to BxNf3 and then QxBf3 and none of this is covered in the video, which left me completely unprepared after watching this multiple times. That is my only real criticism of this video – not covering both the best (and at least for me most common) reply to the early Bishop attack.

  5. Where has this opening been all my life! Love it!

  6. I just won two games after watching this. Very flexible opening! 👍

  7. Can you please do a czech pirc vs kings gambit video? 🙏 it would be much appreciated

  8. This is the best opening for black by far, there are so many options and for beginner to intermediate players I have tried learning a bunch of other defences and they are so complicated with way too many different lines, your video explains everything pefectly.. Thank you.

  9. 6:49 when should I castle and when should I go for the black lion defence?

  10. 1:36 – Qa4 waiting option: Bg5 d6 Bd7 castle d5 expansion v W d5 e5. 2:12 V e5: …dxe – if dxe …QxQ …Nd5; OR W Nxe5 …BxB if NxB …Nb-d7; 2:50 V d5: …cxd5 …e5

  11. THANK YOU so much for this video. I have watched it and re-watched it in slo-mo. Super tear down of the Czech! Question: for beginners (say 800-1000 online), would you recommend sticking with this opening, or also trying to cram in something like the King’s Indian or the standard Pirc lines?

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