Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Cormorant Gambit!

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  1. I like this as an alternative to the Benko if White takes the c pawn instead of advancing the d pawn.

  2. could you pleaseeeeeeeee make a video on the modern defence???? would help me a lot!

  3. Always happy to see offbeat lines stemming from the Old Benoni

  4. Great to see something new along the Old Benoni line. Will give this a try.

  5. YES! I think I can pull this against my London buddy. Anything to throw off the pre-programmed moves. Love those Animals

  6. Love it Sol, another great video. Noticed recently in your videos though that your inhale is quite loud and sharp. Everything ok?

  7. Thanks for sharing this new or unknown gambit with us !

    Also enjoy you speaking quickly, don’t need to up the reading speed 😅

  8. Your videos are always interesting! I’ve subscribed your channel.

  9. seems really fun to play ! thanks for the share sir !

  10. Awesome. An unknown gambit that seems very sound.

  11. On the pirc defense series it doesn't mention the geller system could you do a video on that please?

  12. Thanks a lot, this was something nice to answer D4! 😊👍♟

  13. One question, in the variant where L*c5, why cant black play Da5! and then DxLc5?

  14. I play the hippo because of you and against e4 the St George because of you and sometimes evolve it into the hippo. The Old Benoni I also love because of your videos, but I’ve struggled with it. This video just might be the solution.

  15. I don't think that's how you say fianchetto. Interresting video though.

  16. Great video and congrats on your chess tournament.

  17. Please make a video on the botvinnik english opening! 🙂

  18. Very interesting idea, easy to get in move 2, and in case of Be3 e-pawn gets stuck making white lose tempi unless he wants to castle queenside

  19. wow I have never seen this opening for Black..thorough explanations!! very helpful

  20. Great video. Might have to give this one a try. Chess Giant I need some help on the chess board. Against D4 I play the dutch defense. I know most of the counters with Hopton attack, Staunton gambit and Raphael variation. The one I can't seem to find anything on is the Manhattan Gambit… Thoughts? or video would be great. Thanks.

  21. I really want to see you show the Torre attack, I think it's a really good Trompowsky and London hybrid and a lot of people don't know how to play against it. I love this chess openings series

  22. Sorry Solomon for being off subject, but I want to pass on a hilarious Hippo video.
    GM Hansen's Hippo Speed Run-(Part 1 800-900)-chessbrah. Checkout the first game!:).

  23. Yo! Can you do a video about the clemenz opening? I think It would be interesting to watch

  24. at the 2:30 minute mark white takes the pawn with the bishop why not queen a5 to check and take the bishop right away?

  25. I love all the weird shit you find. Keen to try this one

  26. Chess giant….. It's time for the GROB

  27. Hey, thanks for your videos 🙂 Unless I've missed it you've never covered the Colle system in your opening videos, I think the Zukertort variation would be very interesting.

  28. I would really like to see you showcase the Norwegian rat opening against e4. I think it's underrated. It would fit your animal opening series

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