Chess Openings: Latvian Gambit

The Latvian Gambit is one of the most aggressive gambits in chess and many top players find it quite dubious. For the rest of us though, it has great results for black and can really catch a white player off guard.

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  1. What if after 1st check from queen to h4, white plays pawn to g3

  2. At 5:05 Man the best move is worst as if we move queen h5 check we get his queen blunder

  3. what if he moves his pawn to g3? seems to work fine

  4. After queen checks at E4 why can't white defend with pawn?

  5. why didn't he just move to h5 and fork the queen

  6. Wish it the video was a bit more in depth.

  7. Does anyone know how to take out a beginner fast? I'm talking 10 moves max. I know the scholars mate already. Also I'm not talking about dumb people, but smart to average people who rarely ever play.

  8. 4:50 is checkmate but he said it was just a check and two things I would not retreat like that if I have a pound right their to attack

  9. Honestly every time I try to play this, my opponent takes the first pawn with his.

  10. at 4:30 what if the with pawn goes to g3 and block the black queen check

  11. At 4:50 you made a mistake. You did a check mate without noticing and mentioned taking the knight after but the game was over.

  12. 7:34 in this position, I would just move my pawn to d5, attacking the bishop. Once the bishop moves out the way, like to b3 for example, then I could bring my queen g5. Notice that the knight can't move to g4 after that because of my light square bishop.

  13. couldn't you move the Queen at 5:48 to F4 so and then capture the Queen

  14. I am pretty sure at 4:48 that's Checkmate. Lol. how did he not see that. So there won't be an opportunity to take knight.

  15. Anyone can answer if this open is viable if opponent isnt opening the pawn to f4?

  16. What about lawn to g3 for white after queen checks king with queen to h4

  17. Thanks for explaining the Latvian gambit. It is pretty fine, however, I often get struck when my opponent, playing with white, moves back his white queen from h6 to h4 instead of moving it to d1, as you presented in You Tube. Could you please advise the most suitable move for black then.

  18. At 6:40 wouldn't it be a better move for the queen to move down to h5 to check so if the king move you take the queen

  19. At 10:00, this is like a Fried Liver Attack by white, if they push their knight to f7.

  20. This is the most savage gambit i have ever played & people many time have fell for this gambit

  21. Why is the best response to Qh4 going to be Kf3 instead of g3? The pawn on g3 would threaten with exh4. That sounds more reasonable to me than Kf3, but is there some reason that this move is not preferred? 4:59

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