Chess Openings: Latvian Gambit

The Latvian Gambit is one of the most aggressive gambits in chess and many top players find it quite dubious. For the rest of us though, it has great results for black and can really catch a white player off guard.

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  1. I played this gambit last night and I victimized two guys hahaha.

  2. What chess engine do you use to do your explanations for your
    YouTube channel?

  3. i just realised that i used latvian gambit so often, but the main point i wanna make is that he hasn't covered the best moves for this gambit. Its a pretty devastating gambit if you know wot to do. But unfortunately has covered this pretty poorly

  4. At 6:40 why not Queen at H4 which checking king and getting white Queen after that :/

  5. Nah bro there's alot of ways to destroy this gambit

  6. 4;48, retake the knoght? 😂 It’s checkmate idiot

  7. Another variation could be Stafford gambit, and when the queen is on h4 and the king moves to F3, you can move queen to h5 and it pins the king to queen, if king moves you get whites queen, and pretty much win the game.

  8. Uhm that's not a good opening, all the natural moves are the best ones

  9. Isn't 4:48 mate ? No need to retake the knight I think 😂

  10. 3 minutes in and this looks terrible for black! lol. Guess i'll keep watching and see.

  11. I use this, to practice my diagonal lines when I am black. I sometimes win fast but I also lose a lot as well.

  12. The first 15 seconds of the video was what happen when you premove Queen's Gambit thinking you were white.

  13. 4:46, it's not white trying to retreat, it's white getting checkmated…

  14. What about Queen to h5 check then when king moves Queen takes Queen

  15. What happens if the bishop comes back to e2 at 7:58 , do I just loose all my material as black? How does balance out the game from there?

  16. why wouldnt white just move his pawn to g3 after the queen checks on h4?

  17. Check the comments to make sure everyone else saw the accidental checkmate

  18. Im a latvian myself and heard about this gambit and wanted to learn it

  19. what should I do if pawn E4 takes my pawn on F5

  20. If king to F6 why not queen to H4 so he moves and you get queen behind the pin?

  21. The thing is sometimes you have to improvise you can't just expect your opponent to play every move in this video but remember the Latvian gambit is a good opening

  22. Kings gambit but white have a knight developed

  23. Wait what if the pawn just takes instead of knight?

  24. At the 4:50 mark you made an understatement by saying the black queen could move to D4 forking the white knight while checking the White King. Actually
    that is checkmate as there is nothing blocking black's attack/check is there?

  25. I'm stuck at like 1300 now I'm gonna start using this

  26. At 4:33 if Qh4+ and white is dumb enough to go Kg1 then Qd4# forget about the knight lol

  27. After black goes queen to h4, and white instead of retreating the king, goes pawn g3, attacking the queen and blocking. What’s the best black follow up?

    You only covered assuming white retreats.

  28. Variation 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 3.Nxe5 Bc5 4.exf5 Bxf2+ 5.Kxf2 Qh4+ 6.Kg1 Qd4# is not check but checkmate.

  29. y. Please! I am an aggressive Latvian and I love black pieces! =D

  30. I don’t understand why you mention taking the knight with the queen. Black has checkmate at that point

  31. I don't think this follows Greco's opening plan for the Latvian Gambit – Greco may have been the master that best popularized this opening.

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