Chess Openings – Jerome Gambit

The Jerome Gambit is a very aggressive opening commonly found in the Giuoco Piano after the moves:

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bc4 Bc5
4. Bxf7+ Kxf7
5. Nxe5+ Nxe5


  1. 5:04 i love how in the opening explanation, and here, right out of the opening, your probably going to loose

  2. Jerome is uniting the chess community back to this video, just like what he wanted~

  3. If the video is from Chessbrah is okay. If the video of the Jerome Meme Gambit is from another channel: DISLIKE

  4. I saw this on Chessbrah, i thought it was a joke.

  5. Truly the most underrated opening of all time. Jerome would be proud

  6. bro you good every time you say a phrase you breath so heavily

  7. its bad to think that the 1st time i tried my opponent played best moves and outplayed me like a prostar even in much lower ratings

  8. Aman is wrong, the inbetween check is already in the theory not novelty

  9. Why would you recapture at 15:15 instead of taking rook and attacking knight?

  10. This is what Jerome would have wanted 😱😱

  11. Wow I didn’t think this was actually a strategy.

  12. Foolish instead of moving king knight can block

  13. Jerome Gambit Declined, Accelerated Variation

  14. I think this is why people haven’t been playing the giucco piano with bishop c5 because they know what white’s gonna play 😶

  15. Summary: Cross your fingers and hope you opponent blunder. Otherwise, you are doomed mate…

  16. Just got this is my recommendations after watching chessbrah video about Jeorme Gambit

  17. You know it's a good opening when the lines involve trying to get a draw early.

  18. Who's here after chess brah have a new vlog of this game

  19. How about the porkchop opening and bong cloud

  20. Chessbrah explained better that this dipshit

  21. If you do the Jerome you should castling as son as possible so you can avoid half of those situations

  22. 131 night to g6 and its game over

  23. So this gambit only works when your opponent plays the worst possible moves literally putting themselves into check?

  24. “Whenever you blunder a few pieces call it a Jerome gambit”

  25. I’ve been getting Jeromed for the past month wondering what these mythical fucking lines could be. Thanks chessbrah. Now I have everything in my arsenal to be a gm finally.

  26. Bruh, 3 weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of the Jerome gambit. Now all of my recommendations are JEROME GAMBIT!

  27. if you think about it, traxlers counter attack is just jeromes gambit for black after an italian game

  28. I played against the jerome gambit twice and i won both games. I feel like the jerome gambit should not be played at higher levels because if black defends properly (which most 1500+ rating players do), then black will dominate the game and win. I feel like it's really silly to play the jerome gambit D;

  29. If the king doesn't take the bishop, we enter a new line known as the Jerome's Gambit declined, the idea for Black being "fuck you for playing that dumb opening"

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