Chess Openings: How to Play the English Opening!

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One of the most solid, positional openings available to the tournament player is the English Opening. Played by many greats, see why the consistent setup white is able to achieve in the Botvinnik English can be an attractive choice for players of all levels of understand!


  1. i prefer the duchamp variation because the botvinnik variation leaves a massive hole on d4 which has to be defended with pieces

  2. Thank you for promoting such an awesome game. I was hoping you could do a video on pawn levers. Thanks in advance.

  3. Yes but is i ever play e3, i can start looking foward to be playing d4 making d3 only a temporary problem and not a permanent weakness

  4. if you see your opponent going for the queen's gambit or karokhan after playing c4 what do you suggest new players do? go for a different opening or finish the english setup?

  5. A little phony, with all the named positions, etc, but somewhat informative and doesn't waste time. By the way, all the theory about openings was what Fischer said had killed chess, ie, made it no longer a creative game. And in fact, it has been the same with every other field of human enterprise. Too much form always kills the spirit.

  6. If they play the Slav, can't you transpose into a queen's gambit game?

  7. Is that how Botvinnik's name is pronounced? If so, I never knew that. Interesting.

  8. I've never heard Botvinnik's name pronounced that way. Interesting…

  9. Who the heck dislikes a FREE chess opening tutorial video from one of the nicest guys in the chess community? Even if you disagree with his views on C4, know that this is for newer players or folks who haven't played this opening too often. I know, I know, trolls…but cmon man! Great video Danny!

  10. In english opening can we do d3 after c4

  11. Learn chess in hindi.. Type in search bar and watch

  12. Most people dislike it when I play The English Opening. They complain the game is just positional and boring. But that's the way I prefer it LOL!

  13. which one in your opinion is the less transpositional opening?

  14. Great video! I’m an English player, anyone have suggestions on good lines against the c6, d5 or e6 d5 attempt?

  15. very concise and to the point.
    well done ! : )

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